Often we have symptoms yet do not know if the symptoms are fairly common or something we need to take seriously and seek professional help.   We have provided below a free symptom checker to help you understand what disease processes involve certain symptoms.  

   The free Medfaxx symptom checker is provided only for information to help you obtain more information about any symptoms you may have and is not a diagnostic tool. 

   You can type in your symptoms and see the results of your inquiry.  If more information is needed then follow the results of the information provided by the symptom checker widget.   As an example if one were to have what appears to be blood in the urine you can type in "blood urine" and receive a breakdown of the most common diagnosis that involve blood in the urine.   The % of diagnosis that include that symptom.

   The interesting use of this symptom tool is we tend to often "overreact" to symptoms and imagine the worse, when most symptoms are not life threatening but it's nice to know the probabilities of certain diagnosis per an individual symptom(s).