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    So many times an internet search is done to find the best price. 

    This is normal behavior as practically no one wants to pay more for a product than they have to.  The search may be something like:

                     cheap tens unit, inexpensive tens, best price tens unit

or any other derivative of tens, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator.  What is the real purpose though of that type search? 

     Realistically speaking the customer is not really searching for a tens unit but is searching for relief from pain and has heard a tens unit relieves pain.  The honest inquiry should be "I need help from my pain and have heard tens can help me".   Tens units per se will not work unless the patient has received proper instruction and education on how to use the tens unit and how the process of electro stimulation works with the body to lessen or eliminate the pain.  MedFaxx has lowered our cost to the patient by our use of online tens videos such as our very popular video  on "How To Use A Tens Unit" as well as our Infrex Plus videos,

How to use the InFrex Plus unit for pain reduction - VIDEO,

How Interferential works to reduce or eliminate pain.- or

Free Tens Trial - Infrex Plus

How To Use A Tens Unit

      At Medfaxx our goal is to provide our patients with results at the lowest cost possible.  With the advent of the Infrex Plus unit it is no longer sufficient to use only a tens unit for results when the Infrex Plus combines tens and interferential for pain relief and is the best value for pain relief.  Now the patient can have both a tens and an interferential most popular form of electrotherapy world wide for pain, acute and chronic ).   We provide relief at the same cost of most tens units so the patient gets lowest cost and pain relief which is what the patient really wants.

     Cost for the patient is also an illusionary term in that cost we refer is the actual out of pocket expense to the patient for not only the tens unit,  but those costs associated with the continued use of the tens unit.  We recommend using what the patient has already paid for first, the benefits entitled to by the insurance the patient has,  including Medicare pays for tens unit.  Once insurance pays for the tens unit then the accessories needed thereafter are also paid for.  This reduces the cost to the patient and with our Standing Order program the patient stops spending out of pocket money needlessly for pain relief products that are actually covered by their insurance.

    If the insurance doesn't pay,  or there is a financial hardship,  then MedFaxx intends and strives to be the low cost leader for tens units for our patients.  We are here to help as we have been for the past 3 decades, since 1977. 

   Call us now so we can help   1- 800-937-3993 Toll Free.  or    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..