One of the outstanding characteristics of the Infrex Plus over most other portable interferentials is the powerful output of the Infrex Plus.  One of the biggest benefits of Interferential treatments, over that of a typical tens unit , is the amount of relief one has after a treatment.  Generally a tens unit has no "carryover" pain relief while an interferential unit has carryover relief for hours, days or even weeks. 

    This powerful output delivering 8,000 + pulses per second is what enables the longer carryover relief.  So many supposedly portable interferential units are only typical tens units without sufficient power to achieve carryover relief.  A sure sign of one lacking power is a unit that uses a 9 volt battery as it's power source for portable treatments.   The Infrex Plus generally has such output that most patient's can not tolerate the unit on the higher settings as the amount of output is beyond patient tolerance.  It is this output that defines the efficacy of the Infrex Plus unit.  

   Output Parameters of Infrex Plus compared to Empi Interferential unit.

  Here is an electrical comparison of the Infrex Plus to the Empi product.   The treatment results are as different as night and day with the Infrex Plus truly giving the patient carryover relief similar to what is delivered by the more expensive $5,000+ clinical models. 

  Comparsion between Infrex Plus and EMPI's  
     IFT Modality    
Sr No Parameter Infrex Plus EMPI's  
1 Power Intensity in Current (Load 500Ohm) 0-80mA 0-50mA  
2 Power Intensity in Voltage (Load 500Ohm) 0-40Vp-p 0-25Vp-p  
3 Output configuration Available in 4pole and 2pole output Configuration Available only in 4pole output configuration  
4 Carrier Frequency 4000Hz 4000Hz  
5 Modulate Frequency a) 1Hz to 10Hz (IFT LOW) Selectable 1Hz to 150Hz  
b) 80Hz to 150Hz (IFT HIGH)  
6 Pulse Width 125uSec 125uSec  
7 Wave Form Symmetrical Bi – Phasic Square wave with Zero Net DC Symmetrical Bi – Phasic Square wave with Zero Net DC  

Also the Empi unit is presently priced at twice the Infrex Plus and it does not have tens.