Are you currently able to offer TENS units in your office to patients for home use? If not, let us show you how to make these available to your patients for Drugless Pain Relief with your assistance and allow you to offer a new service in your office!!!

We offer 2 programs! "The Purchase Program" and a "Consignment Program"

MedFaxx also has the most extensive patient video education program on the internet.  Our "How To Use A Tens Unit" is the most viewed tens video worldwide on how to use a tens unit.  This means less questions for you, and better standard controlled education for your patients so they benefit the most.   We also offer a free trail period for you and your patient to determine if a tens unit is effective for him/her. 

Purchase Program

   We sell high quality TENS units to the doctor, as well as the Infrex Plus combination Tens/Interferential machine. When the doctor receives their units, we will call their office and train the office in billing procedures from not only the TENS unit but also the fitting fee as well as how to document medical necessity. Our staff has over 80+ years combined experience in medical billing and durable medical equipment. The profits range from $200.00-$600.00 per unit depending on the type of insurance coverage and the amount charged for the unit and the fitting fee.

MedFaxx then provides the necessary supplies (i.e. batteries, pads, and wire) and bills the insurance carrier directly for these supplies. The supplies are only sent for as long as the doctor deems medically necessary.  The benefit to the doctor is the patient has a source of continuing needs and there is no outlay of cash for tens accessories or storage. 

Per Week
Units Per Month
Units Per Year
Est. Annual Profit
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2 Patient
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Consignment Program - MedFaxx originated consignment, along with Ntron, in 1977. 

Receive market compensation for storing, maintaining, fitting and training patients who receive a TENS unit!

  • We Place our TENS units in your office on consignment and pay you monthly market rent for the use of storage space and utilities as well as we refurbish your supplies for patient trials saving you money on tens supplies.
  • If you prescribe the unit for a patient and they wish to purchase it, simply fax us a copy of the patient's insurance card along with the date of birth.
  • We will notify you in writing by fax or email as to the patient's insurance eligibility for the unit.
  • If the insurance and payment terms are acceptable, forward the completed Intake Form and Prescription to us by fax.
  • You will receive a maintenance fee, as well as, a fee for the fitting and training services performed by you. We will provide you with materials and in-service education to enable you to perform these services.
  • This does not apply to Medicare and Medicaid patients. 

Medfaxx offers an unconditional lifetime warranty, even on units not purchased from us, if we are providing supplies for the patient. What this means is that, if for any reason, the patient’s unit breaks, we will replace it. No questions asked! Other equipment providers only offer a 30, 60, or 90 day warranty, and then only if the unit malfunctions. We cover malfunctions unless it is caused by the user, such as dropping a unit or running over it with a vehicle.