House of Pain Video - Part 3  - 10 Step Treatment Plan





    It's basically impossible for the muscles to contract 500 times per second versus 2.  What may be happening is there is physiological change and the cellular membrane permeability is enhanced and there may be more chemical transfers in/out of cell and that process may be enhancing healing or retarding pain stimulus messages.   If so interferential would be indicated since the rate, pps, is over 8,000 rather than 500. 


    Very positive is the proper way to move.  Often improper movement, due to pain, is aggravating or exacerbating the pain, and in this video patient being shown how to move properly while estim is overcoming the new pain stimulus.  By overcoming pain greater range of motion is restored and full function returns quicker which is one of the goals of the Arp protocols. 


   On increasing exercise level ( repetition) the higher current level is taken to almost uncomfortable level and exercise is begun.   At a resting state the pain level is such that more current hurts, but with movement that normally increases pain, then the higher current load becomes less uncomfortable.   That is because the pain stimulus signal is stronger and therefore more current is needed to override the stimulus.   Pain is never felt anywhere in the body but the brain.  Muscles do not feel pain, the brain tissue does and then signals our body on how to respond.  


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