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Meet The Modern Snake Oil Salesman


 In 1977,  mushing through the snow at Greensboro Hospital to do an educational training session, was the point of revelation, me, the Peddler, had become the modern day snake oil salesman.  Underneath my arms were 6 each TENS units, which were used to control pain but rather than drinking oil, we sent electrons through the body.  That was the beginning of 34+ years of watching electrotherapy eventually heal bones for people who were facing amputation, fill in and totally form new tissues for the patients with bed sores, watch stroke patients who had lost the ability to pick up a cup of coffee relearn the process using functional stimulation and ....


see electrical charges initiate that most important function, reproduction by stimulating the sperm and egg cell to start life.   Since 1974 the modern day snake oil has helped many people yet so much is still unknown.   Here's my background.





Image Teaching how to use a tens unit from Bob Johnson at MedFaxx, Snake Oil Salesman

Bob Johnson, Peddler


  • Taught graduate students in Physical Therapy at Duke University and University of North Carolina courses in electrotherapy
  • Holder several patent pendings on ultraviolet light for wound care, dermatological use
  • Patent for Infrex Plus, the only portable tens/interferential unit
  • Mobile room sterilizer utilizing ultraviolet and ozone generating bulbs to sterilize air killing all air borne pathogens and preventing infection
  • Wound, pain seminars conducted for physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, educators for over 30 years
  • Wake Forest Citizen of The Year
  • VFW Citizen of The Year
  • Rotary Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Father of 3 and husband of one


Owner of    The Cotton Company, retail business incubator, located in downtown Wake Forest,  award winning historical renovation earned the Anthemion Award for preservative restoration.

Active in historic building and historic district preservation and recognition, awarded  2005 service award by Downtown Rehabilitation Corporation  for downtown preservation

Creator of HerbFest, the largest and longest running Lifestyle festival held in the U.S.

Board member of the International  Herb Association for 3 years.

Owner of Festival Park, event facility that promotes ethnic culture festivals for downtown revitalization.  Italiafest, Oktoberfest, IrishFest, Taste of Wake Forest, N.C. Teen Battle of The Bands

Co-chair of The Graham Johnson Cultural Arts Endowment, a charitable foundation to serve the community with arts programming to enhance self worth and self confidence through volunteerism and participation.


    Bob is known for his ability to demystify the way our body and electrical energy work together for beneficial purposes using simple,  easy to understand language.    One of the most knowledgeable speakers on the science and research behind recent innovations in elements of the electromagnetic  spectrum being used for medicinal purposes. 


   For information or interviews Bob can be contacted at:


Phone:   1-800-937-3993

Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Direct phone number is 919-488-5085


U.S. mailing address:   P.O. Box 1289

                                          Wake Forest, N.C.  27588


Websites:  MedFaxx, Inc.



                     Festival Park

                     The Cotton Company

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