Benefits of The Infrex Plus Unit are: 


Due to the nature of the way it helps, in assisting the body to “heal itself”, the Infrex Plus has had a lot of success with different injuries/ailments, including:
Torn ACL/ACL injuries – Many athletes have suffered  from torn ACL, and have shortened the rehab. time and healing time.  Some have avoided the expense of acl surgery, with all its inherent risks.  Rehab from an ACL tear is possible without surgery with the Infrex Plus.
Knee surgery – If you are wearing a knee brace, or need surgery on your knees, the Infrex Functional Restoration program is a sensible and cost effective solution to knee surgery.
Partial knee Surgery – Sometimes partial knee surgery is a set up for a total knee replacement.  The Infrex Plus Interferential Machine is an effective alternative to surgery, less costly and can be rented, not purchased.



Knee surgery recovery - Even for those who have already had knee surgery, the Infrex Plus assists in much quicker recovery times by helping the cartilage to repair in record time.  Electricity has been used to heal and/or accelerate healing time for bones, and many forms of soft tissue. 
Hip surgery – It could possibly  be avoided with the Infrex Plus used with traiining by the FRP affiliates.
Hip surgery recovery – Help speed up recovery with the Infrex Plus, in the comfort of your own home or take a treatment in your office or work place.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – avoid costly and risky carpal tunnel surgery with the Infrex Plus.  Record healing times have been achieved and with the negative charge swelling has been reduced.
Lower/Low Back Pain – The Infrex Plus will find the cause of the pain, and the online or clinic protocol guide will assist in your specified treatment of that pain.  Most people feel results in the first session!
Herniated Disc – Don’t risk unnecessary surgery without trying the Infrex Plus.  A prescription is needed, and you can get one from your doctor, or from our community of medical practitioners.  The scar tissue that results from practically all forms of surgery can produce even more pain going forward so consult with your physician on options prior to choosing surgery. 
Pain – The Infrex Plus has been successful in resolving or stopping many kinds of pain.  Harmful narcotics are not the first choice for pain management.   Choose safety first and treat the cause, not the symptom. 
Carryover Pain Relief:
  Perhaps one of the major benefits of the Infrex Plus unit is it's ability for you to have what is called "carrryover pain relief".  This has been occurring since the inception of interferential therapy in the 1950's and continues to this day, with the exception that today with the Infrex Plus unit the patient can treat at home or office, rather than having to go to a clinic or hospital.   For decades patients have received immediate pain relief during the first treatment session and had the first treatment last for hours,days, weeks or in some situations forever.   The phenomenon is not new, only the ability to self treat with the Infrex Plus.
  For many of the protocols you will be video assisted, or you can visit one of our qualified functional restorationists who can assist you in achieving your training or injury/pain prevention goals.  If you have a computer we can supply you with a list of Functional Restorationists  you can email or call. 
Video on Carryover Pain Relief: