No Knee Replacement Surgery - Free Trial Infrex Functional Restoration


 Don't get knee replacement surgery until you've tried functional restoration with a certified practitioner using the Infrex interferential pain machine. 


      We will offer you a free trial and free first treatment to establish whether we can help you permanently avoid knee replacement surgery.  For most people it takes only 3-6 treatments, at home use of the Infrex, and no surgery is needed.   Our functional restoration practitioners can do Skype consults or in person.  First visit is free and most follow up treatments are no more than $40 per session.   


     The Infrex Plus Restorer will be used on the first visit so you can actually feel the pain go away.   The FR practitioner will prescribe exercises, in conjunction with interferential stimulation,  to heal and strengthen the supporting muscle and other tissues permanently avoiding knee replacement surgery.  


      Try Infrex and Functional Restoration before undergoing knee replacement surgery.  


 Free trial.