How Much Does The Infrex Plus Cost? 

Answer:  $1,695.00

Option 1.  MedFaxx will bill your insurance, if you have, and generally accepts what the insurance company pays.

  "I would love to have a free trial but have no insurance, and limited funds, so my big concern is the Infrex helps me and then I can't afford it."

Option 2.  MedFaxx will work with you on a payment plan that fits your budget.   We are well aware of the high costs of health care and understand the difficulties.   We live in the same world as you do.   Over the 3 decades of our existence we have had many patients in the same circumstances yet they received their unit and we worked with them for payment and also for the supplies needed.

Our long standing policy:

"No deserving patient will be denied use of our equipment due to lack of funds." ... September, 1977