Tens units are now obsolete with the arrival of the Infrex Plus coupled with the ability to get the insurance company to pay for the Infrex Plus.   The Infrex Plus includes the advanced technology of interferential and the standby mode of Tens.

Other tens type units such as Select Tens, Select Pain Control, for electrical stimulation and pain relief are not up to current technological standards.   The video of Select Tens from Empi featuring a news video with Dan Marino actually show the Select Tens is only beneficial as a take home tens.  Itookcontrolofpain.com is not the best source of information for chronic pain control but watch the Infrex Video for the latest history of development and technology.

With interferential therapy being the most used form of electrical stimulation for pain relief in the world the time is now to have more than a tens unit.  The Infrex Plus provides relief in one 30 minute setting so the continual wearing of a typical Select Tens is not necessary as the Infrex Plus with interferential now provides carryover relief.

Now you can also try the Infrex Plus FREE for two weeks and compare it to any Tens unit on the market, including Empi's Select Tens. 

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