Morgellon's Disease Eruptions



Morgellon's disesase is characterized by sores on the surface of the skin, often in the hair, and few available treatments are around. The skin is also characterized by vessel like structures that "thread" under the surface and are readily apparent to the casual viewer of the patient.

The disease itself, with the symptomatic skin changes, often leads to psychological damages to the patient. The patient is aware their condition not only looks bad but others are afraid it may be contagious and therefore avoid the Morgellon's patient. This rejection leads to behavior changes such as isolation, no socialization, depression and loss of will to live. Some patients become so frustrated they contemplate suicide.

The lack of knowledge of the cause of the disease is extremely frustrating to physicians but more so to the patient. When no one can explain why the disease exists and what is the cause the patient becomes frustrated. Not knowing the cause also means not knowing a treatment to halt or reverse the symptoms of Morgellon's.





  Tea tree oil with it's antiseptic properties has been shown to slow down the spread of the disease when the oil is applied topically to the skin. Due to Tea Tree being a very popular antiseptic that works extremely well on bacterial infections there is reason to believe the disease itself is caused by bacteria.

If the process of stopping the disease is to stop the cross contamination of the skin, by killing the bacteria, then there is also hope one can use ultraviolet c range light and kill the bacteria before it can replicate and spread the infection to other parts of the skin. The arrest of the bacteria, the suspension of replication, will lead to the control of the disease if it's bacterial related.

If the skin eruptions are halted often the patient is buoyed psychologically by knowing the disease is not going to get worse. Once the skin disfigurement is contained the patient can use hats, scarfs, coverings to cover the skin or hair and begin to evolve back to a normal social life.

It's one thing to find the cause, conquer the causation, but it's another thing to be cognizant of and respectful of the state of mind of the patient who suffers from Morgellon's disease.

The complementary use of a proven topical antibiotic like Tea Tree oil used in conjunction with a short 60 - 120 second daily treatment of ultraviolet c range light with the V-254 UVC Wound Lamp may provide help now for those suffering from this often undiagnosed disease.


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