Functional Restorationists are individuals trained to use Functional Restoration techniques and electrotherapy devices.   They all have been Certified in F.R.T., and have been issued C.E.U.'s/C.M.E.'s in F.R.T. by the American College of Physical Medicine.  Clinicians include but are not limited to: Medical Doctors, Osteopaths, Naprapaths, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainers.   Functional Restoration is exercise/movement incorporating electrotherapy to decrease or eliminate pain, to enhance athletic performance, to facilitate tissue repair and to increase volitional control. 


  Functional Restoration aims to help people with chronic pain by setting them up with an exercise program to self-manage their condition. It can assist chronic pain-sufferers to increase their physical functioning, reduce or eliminate pain, reduce frequency of recurring pain episodes, and to promote the return to a productive lifestyle at home or work.


   Functional Restoration is used to help athletes at all levels of competitive activities enhance the motor control, increase range of motion, increase torque or force, and extend stamina. 


  The difference with traditional therapy and Functional Restoration is there is limited hands on treatment with functional restoration and patient compliance coupled with electrotherapy produce much quicker and longer lasting positive results with less pain.