Many of the MedFaxx non patient customers such as physical therapy clinics, chiroprator billing offices, medical offices and insurance companies are only allowed to bill for medical services and products if the correct billing codes are used.   These codes are referred to as "medical billing codes", "cpt codes", "ICD codes" and "medicare billing codes" to name a few generic examples.   Often services and products are paid for, or denied, based upon the correct use of the proper medical billing codes.  

    For patients and clinicians it is so frustrating to have denials of services or products because the bill was filed with the wrong code.   It is for this reason we provide a list of the most common codes associated with our products and services for our prescribing or treating clinicians to use.  The job description of medical billing personnel is very important to the financial success of any medical office.   The success of any clinic is very dependent upon the expertise of using the correct medical billing software or employing people who understand the processes.  

   If for any reason you, the patient of MedFaxx, receives notification of a denial for our products or services please let us know.   We strive to use the correct billing codes for our claims and the medical billing claims of physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers and chiropractors.