Infrex Electrical Stimulation To Reduce Pain & Restore Function  

     The Infrex is used for voluntary neuromuscular facilitation by supplementing the patient's volitional movements with sensory stimulation.    Due to pain many patients will not voluntarily set their quads following knee replacement    surgery or,  radical menisectomy,  thus prolonging function restoration and creating additional pain.    The Infrex FRM will help the patient remove the "guarding" tendency and overcome the reluctance to resist the voluntary movements.

   The Infrex recruitment of additional muscle fibers, large and small, in concert with the patient's pain free efforts help reduce rehab. time and often, after 1 or 2 very short sessions, reeducates the patient on how to receive total pain free volitional control.   The electrical stimulation provides sensory input to the patient if there is neural integrity and correct form is achieved for proper function. 

    Due to the inverse relationship of motor nerve firings, from largest diameter to smallest diameter, from closest to farthest fibers, from the Infrex stimulus, the recruitment of more muscle fibers results in reduced pain and time  so the patient can gain full pain free function.