Individuals who are suffering from arthritis and rheumatism usually experience excruciating pain even with the slightest movement or touch. Some cannot even perform the simplest and mundane activities like climbing up the stairs, picking paper on the floor, or getting out of the bed. This is the reason why many are all too willing to take pain relievers, even if such medications have adverse effects.

  If you are one of the many who experience joint and muscle pains due to arthritis and rheumatism, you do not need to sacrifice your health by taking a lot of pain relievers just to ease pain. There is actually a lot food available in the market that can help minimize the throbbing pains you are feeling. Just be sure to include these grubs in your daily diet to help improve your condition.




  This sweet and juicy fruit is a treat during the summer months. This orange produce is actually rich in beta-carotene and Vitamin C. These antioxidants are effective in neutralizing the damages caused by free radicals which are known to contribute to joint pains and arthritis.

Fatty Fish

  Omega 3 fatty acid is another substance that is important in reducing pain and inflammation. Foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids include salmon, sablefish, bass, and mackerel. In order to reap the benefits of omega 3, you have to eat fatty fishes at least three times a week.

  Anchovies are also rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. However, if you are suffering from water retention or you have high sodium content in your body, you better not eat a lot of anchovies because they are high in salt and may exacerbate your problem.

Chili Pepper

  The substance that gives off the heat in chili peppers is called capsaicin. And it is also what makes chili pepper effective in eliminating the pain in arthritis. This "hot" vegetable actually aids in blocking nerves that are responsible for sending pain signals. However, do not eat a lot of chili peppers because you might experience painful bowel movement.

Red Grapes

  Luscious and sweet, red grapes are not only irresistible, they are also ultra healthy. Aside from containing substances that are good for the heart, they are also rich in minerals that can contribute to strengthening your bones.


   Papaya is an exotic fruit that has long been used by Asians and Latin Americans in treating a wide variety of illnesses including fever, diarrhea and other problems. However, the high Vitamin C and A contents of Papaya make it an ideal fruit for sufferers of arthritis.


   Some people say that sufferers of arthritis should not eat nuts, including hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts and walnuts because these are high in uric acid and are believed to cause arthritis. However, some studies show that nuts are a good source of the mineral boron, which is known to make the bones stronger.

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