Topical Pain Relievers - What Works Best?

      With over 30+ years helping patients with chronic pain we are often asked "what will work best for me?".  Honestly we don't know but what we do know is what has worked best for the vast preponderance of our 10,000+ patients over time.

       Let's take a moment to explain the process that evolved.  All our patients suffer from some form of chronic pain, sciatica, neck pain, shoulder pain, neuropathy, shingles, cancer pain, even RSD and Fibromyalgia.  There has never been one "magic bullet" for any patient, nor has one topical pain product been the best at all times for any pain the patient experienced.  Pain moves, the sensation changes, and sometimes a couple of products are necessary.


        Historically we have sent several "sample pain kits" to our patients and let them decide which is best for them by actually trying the various products.  We have relied upon our patients to tell us which products work best for them.  As a result of listening we've found several products that have stood the test of time for the vast preponderance of our patients. 

        For many of our patients they use our "standing order" system which sends them monthly a kit of the best products that have proven effective for them personally.  The kit contents can be changed monthly if needed.   Kits are allowed by most insurance companies, including Medicare and Medicaid, once a patient has been prescribed a tens or Infrex unit for treating chronic pain syndromes.  More about that on our pain relieving product video.

     Listed below are the products that have stood the test of time with our patients.  You can order them directly,  or if you have or are purchasing a tens or Infrex unit,  then we can ship to you monthly what is allowed and bill your insurance for the kit.   Kits can be varied monthly according to your needs.

     On your first order mention "new customer discount" and receive 10% off the entire order.

Cooling Topical Pain Products:

BioFreeze - Originally only available in Physical Therapist clinics, Pain Clinics etc. but over time became available for general consumer use. 

Kool 'N Fit - Pain Relieving Gel or Liquid for muscles, joints, backaches, strains and bruises - active ingredients camphor and menthol.

Polar Frost Cold Gel - General pain agent for minor injuries using alcohol, Eucalyptus, carbomer and aloe

General Topical Pain Products:

Aromatherapy Patches - Each patch uses essential oils and the relief can be derived from the oil on the skin itself or the inhalation of the oil once the patch is on.  Arnica oil  is good pain management, lavender oil for sleep, and tea tree for topical infections are some of the differing patches and their uses.

Flexall- Uses different % of menthol for products ranging from 8% to 16%.  Can be used with ultrasound coupling agent so when getting an ultrasound treatment the gel is in it and both physical and chemical relief.

Orthogel - Fast Acting Roll- On using IIlex ( also found in BioFreeze ), camphor, menthol, glucosamine, msm, aloe, curcumonoids, Bosewllia Serrata

Salonpas - Available in many forms including patches - active ingredients are menthol, 7% and methyl salicylate, 15%

Therapain - Spray or Roll On - Active ingredients, peppermint, eucalyptus and alcohol.

Tiger Balm Products - This is the oldest line of topical pain relieving products in the world.  Originating more than 1,000 years ago and today it's still one of the leaders.  The "patch" is immensely successful and lasts up to 8 hours.  Active ingredients are camphor - 80 mg, Menthol - 24 mg, Capsicum 16 mg.

White Flower Balm - Active ingredients are camphor and wintergreen - often used for migraines with oil at temple, but not so low as to have oil vapors affect eyes.