One difficulty in many health facilities, is to remove and/or prevent odors. Hospitals have many issues related to this due to the blood, tissue, and other smells that accumulate when doing the day to day routines.   Wound care is one of those areas where the smell of the area and the patient is or can be psychologically devasting to the patient and the care givers.

   A beneficial side effect of using ultraviolet c-range is the light itself creates a chemical reaction in the air as the ultraviolet interacts and this reaction actually rids the air of the noxious smells. Not only will the use of the device kill pathogens but a side benefit is the elimination of odors making the facility itself smell better.

    This also applies to those times when an open wound is infected and the buildup of the bacteria and the byproducts of the bacteria create a devastating odor for the patient as well as the attending clinician trying to help the patient. For the patient this can be very disturbing and lead to low morale as the patient is embarrassed and feels the smell is a sign of poor hygiene when in fact it is only part of the condition of having a chronic infected wound.

    There is minimal effect with the use of the V-254 wound lamp since the lamp itself is only a 4 watt lamp however within the immediate area of the treatment both the patient and clinician can smell the difference often. For larger areas the mobile Mobile UV Sterilizer cannister can effectively neutralize an entire area making for a more pleasant environment for all.  If a section of the hospital or wound clinic is devoted to chronic open wound infected patients the use of UV can also neutralize odor throughout the area.