therapeutic ultrasound unitUltrasound is indicated for many acute and chronic injuries and in most instances the treatment is of short duration and done in a clinical or hospital setting.  The patient has to go to the office for a 20 minute treatment and then return as needed.  Ultrasound rentals can be less than the cost of two treatments in the hospital or clinic in most situations... Ultrasound units can be used as needed in the patient's home.  Many home health agencies actually have portable units to use so the clinician can go from patient to patient in home settings and do the treatment without the patient having to leave home.  In most situations the underlying condition of the patient is resolved by ultrasound therapy in less than a month and the treatment is not difficult to do for a lay person.  The portable ultrasound unit is designed for home use and easy to transport.   A general rule is to always keep the head of the unit, that area where the ultrasonic energy emits from, moving during the treatment. 

   Ultrasound and ultraviolet - c range have been found to be effictive in healing decubitus ulcers, ie. bed/pressure sores.

   Often with the home rental the patient can also do warm soaks in a tub or container with the affected limb in the warm water while the ultrasound unit is on and administering ultrasound waves through the water itself.  Water is a good conductor of ultrasound while air is resistor.   For more information see our ultrasound units for rent.