One of the continuing costs of use of a tens unit, muscle stimulator, interferential unit  or Infrex Plus unit  is the electrodes that are necessary for the operation of the unit. If the insurance company has purchased the unit for the patient then the continuing costs are covered, if not then it is out of pocket which is why we recommend using your insurance for the purchase so these costs are covered. Here are some helpful tips to prolong the use of the reusable electrodes as well as our Electrode Care Video by Elizabeth Johnson, P.T..  A patient needs a tens or interferential unit generally once and they last 5 years or more, while reusable electrodes are an ongoing monthly cost.  Best to not be penny wise and pound foolish.

Read the Instructions of the package the electrodes arrive in.

Be certain to follow the instructions for use and care, removal and storage of the electrodes before using them. Improper care may damage or destroy the electrodes.

Choose the Correct Electrode

Use the proper electrode style for the treatment site and type of stimulation. MedFaxx offers a variety of electrodes to meet the needs of each individual patient. If you have any questions about choosing the correct electrode, call our customer service department at 1-800-937-3993.

Prepare the Skin

Clean skin is the best preventative against skin irritation so always wash skin at the application site with soap and water and pat dry with a towel. Never use alcohol, lotions, oils, or creams on the skin prior to placing the electrodes. Trimming(not shaving) body hair from the area is often helpful. Additionally, pre- and post-treatment skin care products protect the skin and help to keep the treatment area healthy. Should any irritation occur, discontinue treatment until the skin heals.

Electrode Removal

Remove the electrodes from their liners by bending the liner slight at a corner. Loosen the gel from the liner by rubbing your thumb across the edge of the electrode in an upward motion. Once the gel has loosened from the liner, grasp the edge of the electrode and peel from the liner.

For those electrodes with pre-attached wires (or pigtails), PLEASE DO NOT PULL ON THE WIRE. Doing so will cause damage or destroy the electrode. The proper method of removal is to grasp the edge of the electrode and lift it from the liner or the skin.

Rotating Electrodes

To extend the life the electrodes, rotate their use. They should be rotated every 4 to 6 hours if being used in a hot or humid environment.


Over-saturation can occur if electrodes are worn too long without rotating. Over-saturation occurs when the solid gel electrode absorbs and retains moisture from perspiration, hot/humid environments, or excessive addition of water to re-hydrate the gel surface. Over-saturation results in an eventual lessening of the physical and adhesive properties of the gel. The electrodes should be removed from the skin and allowed to air dry in a cool and dry environment such as a refrigerator, with the gel exposed to the air for at least 24 hours.

Storing & Re-hydrating

Always check to electrode gel for tac prior to use. If the gel does not readily adhere to a gentle touch of your fingertip, rub a drop of water on the gel surface and repeat until the surface has been completely re-hydrated.

Return the electrodes to the release side of their liner and return to the storage bag. Store in a cool, dry place, avoiding exposure of the gel to heat and humidity.