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Breakthrough For Neuralgia Pain - Self Treat At Home - Medication Free - Body Learns To Stop Pain Naturally - See Video Below




Video on Breakthrough In Drug Free Pain Relief Technology, the INFREX PLUS.


   Our Infrex Plus Combines Tens with Interferential, resulting in the most effective types of electrotherapy in the world for home and clinical use in one portable unit.

   Interferential therapy has been used safely and effectively in the clinic, hospital, or pain cinic successfully since 1953.  Now you can self treat neuralgia pain at home, 30 minutes daily for approximately 3 weeks then possibly weekly for 30 minutes after the body has learned to stop the pain. 

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     With over 30+ years in business you can count on our company being here to help you.

     The Infrex Plus is easy to use, you will know in FIVE Minutes that it's working by relieving your pain while you use it.  Also immediately after treatment the pain will not reoccur for hours, days, weeks or possibly months.

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