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     MedFaxx will donate $100 for any Infrex Plus unit purchased, or 30% of what MedFaxx receives for any tens unit purchase ( applies also if the Infrex Plus has to be sold as a tens unit ) to your favorite charity, ours, or to you for helping a friend in chronic pain.
    The Partnership for Pain Relief was founded to focus the power of the Internet on a specific humanitarian need: the eradication of chronic pain. We want to eliminate unnecessary surgery, eliminate the use of habit forming drugs aimed at  dulling the senses and prevent the continuation of life altering treatment methods that negatively afffect everyday life. 

     Since the creation of MedFaxx in 1977 it has been very apparent that many chronic pain patients had wished they had known of the tens/interferential treatments that solved their pain problems prior to failure of conventional treatments which prolonged their misery and in some cases caused considerably more damage.   The Partnership for Pain Relief's purpose is to educate and provide free trials to chronic pain patients referred by friends and physicians.   The use of the Infrex Plus and tens is indicated where conventional treatments have failed.  We absolutely believe if the underlying cause can be determined for the chronic pain then treat the cause so the patient is pain free.  Unfortunately the diagnosis itself , chronic pain, is indicative that all previous treatments did not work therefore the symptom becomes the diagnosis which is extremely rare in medicine as now the effect is being treated, not the cause.

     Since 1977 well over 10,000 people have benefitted from and returned to a normal pain free life by using interferential and tens treatments at home.  So many patients have stated to us at Medfaxx:

   " Why didn't someone tell me about the tens before I had to suffer through so much?"

    By the use of friends helping friends and the power of the internet MedFaxx started the Partnership For Pain Relief program to help break the cycle of not knowing of viable options.   In exchange for helping your friends MedFaxx will donate to your favorite charity, ours or pay you for helping your friend. 

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