Wound Healing For Decubitus Ulcers Protocols Are Predicated Upon An Old Technology - Hot and Cold Quartz Lamps Which Led To The Wound Healing Protocol For the V-254 Ultraviolet Lamp

     The original ultraviolet C lamps, Birtcher Hot and Cold Quartz Lamps, took almost a minute to "warm up" before the lamp was emitting it's full dose of ultraviolet, 254 nanometer energy.  It was due to this outdated technology that the treatment time was listed as 2-3 minutes per ulcer.  The issue was not how much energy was being transmitted but how long it would take the lamp to generate the uv rays.

    The V-254 does not use Quartz bulbs but uses a form of mercury vapor in a fluorescent tube.  Due to this the treatment protocol can be reduced to 1 minute, 1 inch away, and afterwards "wand*" the skin around the wound to kill any pathogens that are alive and could migrate into the wound bed.

*( The V-254 wound lamp is the only ( at this time, 2009) lamp authorized by the U.S. F.D.A. for dermatological pathogen eradication.)