The below videos are those used by Arpwave Company and this article is intended to supplement the understanding of how electricity, in conjunction with exercise, affects the body.   Notes below the videos were made to help you understand what processes may be going on.   The comments are not intended to pass any judgment on the efficacy of the programs, the products or the results.   This is being done to enhance the knowledge of how to prevent pain/injury and how to shorten the rehab. time period and restore function with an absence of or minimal discomfort.   This article was done after mutliple Arpwave distributors called to ask for optional methods of how electricity and polarity affect the body.


Video 1:







Video 2: 


   Couple comments off this video and the point thing on finding where to put an electrode. 


1.  Watch the pads being put anywhere on the body, back here, and then the electrode is slid based upon the patient’s comments, not based upon any reading of the machine .  This is finding a point of most conduction and more sensitive.  Sensitivity is based upon perception.


2.  Second electrode,  after finding the first placement,  is a repetition of simply finding the point that is most sensitive.  In all situations one must have a "circuit" - point where electrons leave machine and a point for them to come back to the machine.  The patient's body is used as a "wire", ie. place to run electrons through, as is done with wires/cables.   


3.  All patients in pain have multiple trigger/acupuncture points with varying degrees of sensitivity.   Nothing new here and this is simple process of using patient sensitivity to find pain points.  There are multiple points of pain upon stimulus, touching, and some are more sensitive than others. 


4.  At point in video, is stated  “direct current” not harmful as is alternating and direct current is “natural in harmony”.   Direct current may or may not be "natural" but bigger question is is the DC current interrupted or not and if so how.    Direct current generally can be more painful and one reason patient  findsi the Infrex is “more comfortable” than Arp is use of a balanced bi phasic alternating current.  Constant direct current can kill or in some cases if kept on for long times, not interrupted, then a keloid scar results from the chemical imbalance caused by the constant direct charges of either negative or positives. 


5.  Direct current can move fluids such as lactic acid out of an area such as muscle tissue.   The stronger negative charge of the machine "pushes" the acid away and swelling can be reduced as well as pain being reduced.  Alternating current is infinitely safer than forms of direct current. 


6.  As the patient exercises with unit on the blood increases which changes the sensitivity of the area being treated and that process should reduce the sensitivity and any patient would generally feel less pain.   Increased blood flow also increases the conductivity of the tissues being treated and the flow of electrons is enhanced with less resistance. 




Video 3:



Video 4:  Muscle Loosening



Video 5:  House of Pain Video



Video 6:  House of Pain - Part 2




7. black  electrode put on patient where pain felt,  red electrode put “out of way”( circuit completion and does not matter)


8.  power up to “read your body” is not a read, it’s a “can you feel it”?


9.  moves red electrode to “you feel more stimulation” and that spot ( are there more than one? ) is the “origin of pain”.


10.  patient feels electricity and question is feel “more or less” and correlation is “feel more then that is damage”.


11.  first issue would be will those points of most sensation stay consistent?   No, will move and do this same procedure 2 days later, especially if an acute injury and the points will change.


Also those specific “points” do have very defined electrical characteristics which are measureable.


Protocol being used is totally consistent with restoring full function with little or no pain.  

For a video on how the Arp 10 Step program works click now. 


See protocol for high ankle sprain below:

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