An Acupuncture Point Locator Stimulator


What Is An Acupuncture Point Locator & Stimulator? 


     The acupuncture point locator stimulator is really not an "acupuncture point finder", but because in the health care field that is the generally accepted meaning of acupuncture points that we accept the term.  Acupuncture points are specific points on our body defined by a location using anatomical terms, with that term being "cun".   To stay specific for each patient that cun measurement is set by the specific distance of the space between joints on the finger.  That varies patient to patient but for the acupuncturist there is definity for needle insertion and stimulation. 

    An acupuncture point locator stimulator is a device that emits a small electrical charge from the device into the body and then measures the specific resistance of the point on the device, generally about the size of a nib on a ball point pen.   It reality it's a glorified "ohm meter" that you see used by anyone who works around electricity and needs to know if a wire is electrifed  or not and needs to measure if a substance will conduct electricity.   When the human body is injured or is in pain there will be many small points that are very resistant or conductive to electricity.   It is not hocus pocus but a very well defined spot which can be measured and quantified clinically.   The purpose of the point locator is to find those points which correspond to the pain the patient is experiencing and stimulate that point to reduce the pain.  The general treatment time is 3-5 minutes on the point and then measure it again and the digital feature of the device will show an increase in resistance or a decrease in conduction. 

    Once a conductive point is found the device will do at least 1 of the 3 things and the better devices do all 3 to enable the patient/clinician to treat using one hand with the point stimulator.

  • A light will flash or become brighter, 
  • A sound is emitted and once points are found that are more conductive the sound level increases so the clinician will know it's one of the better, more conductive points, 
  • A digital meter is on the locator to measure and show the readout of the degree of conductivity.

    The clinician/patient can move the point of the device around the body and listen/watch/read the level of conduction.   When the higher points of conduction are found the patient will actually feel the stimulation.  If the point is not very conductive then the patient will not feel any sensation when the device begins stimulation.   Over the course of 3-5 minutes the level of sensation is reduced and less sensory sensations as the point of stimulation becomes more resistant.   After stimulation in several points the level of pain is gone or significantly reduced.

    The point locator stimulator is a very good tool for any patient to have suffering from acute or chronic pain.  It is highly desirable for a clinician to use to find the points quickly and accurately to save time rather than search out by feeling the patients skin and affected areas.  When using a tens machine it helps locate the best tens electrode placements. 


     For specific technical specifications of an acupuncture point locator stimulator go here.