Medicare Logo image and information on HCFA codes for billing Infrex FRM treatments   


   Often we get inquiries as to what HCFA codes can the Infrex FRM  treatments and instruction for functional restoration be used in the clinic.    We will continue to address this issue and update as new information becomes available.   Unfortunately some of the information provided by the Department Health and Human Services refers you to other regional providers for allowances, codes and conditions.   This is the "regional" aspect of the Medicare system. 


   Here is a link to the information for your use.   We caution all that it's not enough to know a code, but one must also understand under what conditions does the billing code apply, for how many visits, documentation before, during, after etc. before anyone believes whether there is coverage or not.   The other factor is even if one has all the proverbial "ducks in a row" then how difficult is it to get paid and is the cost of billing going to offset the predetermined reimbursement.


  If the link does not work then copy and paste this into your browser:


  The two cods we see used most often for billing for estim in the clinic are:  97112 and 97032.  Both of these codes are for "services" and not to be confused with different codes for rental or purchase of the Infrex FRM unit.