Tens has been effective for Crohns disease pain but with the advent of take home, treat as needed, interferential therapy for carryover pain relief; the Infrex Plus on interferential mode, or using the tens mode, may be the most effective non-drug treatment for patients suffering pain from Crohns disease.



                              Tens Machine for Crohns flare up pain

by Fiona Rainbow
(Staffordshire England)

I am having a crohns flare up, my first major one since I was 18 yrs. I am now 37yrs. Luckily I have had a long period in remission. The pain is unbearable this time, however, I am managing to block the pain completely with my babycare TENs machine whilst I am trying the modulen ibd diet. I have been prescribed steroids but I didn't like the side effects when I was 18 and therefore I am trying to avoid taking them.
I just wanted to suggest the Tens Machine to anyone out there suffering the pain of crohns. I was up to 8 doses of co-codamol a day to try and control the pain and I think that they were making the symptons worse as they themselves are hard on the system.I now am only taking 1 dose of co-codamol before I go to bed to ensure a good nights sleep and to take a break from the Tens. I don't know what I would do without my Tens at the moment. I am using the Elle Babycare tens machine (it is the one I used during labour). I have had 3 boys during my time in remission and had no crohns symtoms at all during my pregnancies and all natural births.
I would always prefer to choose natural remedies over drugs however I know that this is not always possible. Has anyone had remission success from following a food combining diet.