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Pain relief that was previously only available by visiting the clinic; - over and over again -  is now here in a portable, at home unit.  The Infrex Plus also combines interferential,  with the most used form of electrotherapy for chronic pain used outside the clinic - TENS -  and makes if eligible for reimbursement by most major insurance companies, including Medicare.

Most used pain therapy in the world

Historically, Interferential treatment has been the most common form of pain management in the world. The major drawback has been, a large cumbersome machine was needed to make it work. Therefore, repeated trips to the clinic were nessecary

   If you are suffering from Chronic Back Pain, Sciatica, a Herniated Disc, Bulging Disc, Spinal StenosisPinched Nerve, Spinal pain, Lumbar pain, RSD, Fibromyalgia, Shingles, Phantom Limb pain, even Osteoarthritis you will gain relief using the Infrex Plus combination unit.  The Infrex Plus is designed to provide a  chronic pain solution without drugs and non-invasively.

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  Get this portable pain relief wonder in your home now. You will know right away if this therapy is right for you. No guess work involved. The Infrex Plus, may be covered by your inusrance, even if it is not, we can work out a plan for you. We understand your pain and want to help.

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