Does Ultraviolet (UV) kill viruses?

       Yes.  Ultraviolet lamps will kill 100% of most viruses, airborne bacteria and mold spores.

Will Ultraviolet kill mold?

       Yes.  Ultraviolet lamps will kill 100% of mold and help prevent future growth.

How do I clean the ultraviolet lamps?

      Clean with a dry cloth preferably cotton or a paper towel.  As a solvent only use alcohol as soap can leave film.

How much intensity do I need to kill certain organisms?

        The necessary exposure is the product of time and intensity.  The inverse square law, killing power decreases as distance from pathogens is farther, prevails - closer with more power then quicker kill.
        For the V-254 Wound Lamp if the lamp is 1 inch away from the wound for 90 seconds then basically all pathogens have been killed including MRSA and VRE. 

How does the V-254 and Mobile Room Sterilizer kill?

     254 nanometer light renders the organisms sterile and when reproduction is stopped then the organisms die.   The products doing this are referred to as germicidal UV lights.

What damage will the lamps do to me?

     They can cause "surface damage" which is similar to what is called "welder's flash". If your eyes are exposed they can feel dry or gritty.
     At no time do germicidal lamps cause any permanent damage, unlike lamps creating ultraviolet A and B rays.

Can germicidal UV penetrate surfaces or substances?

     No.  Germicidal, 254 light, sterilizes only what it comes in contact with.