F.R.P. Gives The Athlete The Competitive Edge And Helps Restore Function Quicker With Less Pain For the Injured Athlete.


     The process of achieving the competitive edge over another competitor,  or of restoration of full function,  is a dual process of exercise and electrical stimulation in concert with each other.   Electrical stimulation of muscle nerves has an ultimate outcome of increased torque or power.   This process is achieved by volitional contractions accompanied by muscle fiber recruitment with electrical stimulation.   

      The Infrex FRM actually excites the closest and largest muscle fibers first, while exercising, and with the intensity increased during exercise recruits more distant and smaller muscle fibers.   This process aids in function restoration and increased range of motion for higher torque.   The targeted fibers are stimulated by the 8,000+ frequency of the Infrex FRM thus allowing stimulation not available with other stimulation devices.   


  The FRP  video below ( coming soon) explains how the world class athlete, weekend golfer, professional tennis player or NBA star


1.  expands range of motion,


2.  increases torque for greater strength, and


3.  delays fatique for a competitive advantage.

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Tens Cables For Older Tens Units Print E-mail

Many patients have a need for cables for older tens units.  They are disappointed to find the F.D.A. changed the rules in 1999 on cables that would be allowed for tens units.  This change lead the manufacturers to completely rework new tens units so the old cables would not work.  The problem for the patient wanting to keep their old tens unit was no cables were available so the patient ended up having their unit technically obsolete.  MedFaxx answered that issue for our patients since many were getting great relief and did not want to move away from what had worked.  Below is an answer sent recently, 2008, to one of those customers helping them solve the problem.

In almost all situations it's cheaper for the patient to literally get a new unit, especially since now one can get the combination tens/interferential unit, Infrex Plus, rather than just a tens unit, but if you love that old unit below is a solution.


Hi Mrs. Milliken,

Below is a picture of the cables that we have. If your unit was made before the year 2000, it will be almost impossible for you to get cables to fit it. Below the first picture is a picture of an adapter that will work with the new cable. If your current cable has the metal piece on the end of the cable, you will need what is in these pictures. The price of a set of two cables and two adapters (one for each outlet on the tens unit) is $40.00, plus shipping and handling charges.  If you use only one side of the tens, and want only one cable and one adapter, the cost will be $20.00, plus shipping and handling charges. You will then need to purchase some glue and glue the adapter onto your unit before using them.





Another alternative would be a new unit and new cables altogether. If you are covered by any insurance, we could bill your insurance company for the unit. If you are covered by Medicare, we would be able to bill Medicare. If you don’t have insurance, we do have very affordable units. (However, remember if you do get a new unit, you would need to get a prescription first.) I hope this has helped you. If you would like to talk about it or have any questions, give me a call at 1-800-937-3993. I hope we’ll be able to get you “fixed up” with the tens.


Manager - Customer Service





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