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Medicare will replace tens pain machines after a Medicare patient has owned the tens for 5 years is the latest program.  


Medicare Replacment Policy Tens Pain Machine



Don't repair a tens unit if you are a Medicare patient when it can be replaced with a new tens unit.  Also get your tens supplies free monthly. 


Call MedFaxx to see if you qualify for a new tens pain machine. 



MedFaxx, Inc. was actually founded in 1977 under the name ConvaCare. This was fine until the attorney's letter came several years later informing the owner the name was copyrighted by his client. Shortly thereafter the name was changed, and copyrighted, to MedFaxx.

MedFaxx, Inc. was actually the idea of a pharmacist, Mr. Jernigan, who was a customer of the one of the owners, Bob and Elizabeth Johnson. Bob was selling medical supplies for a large national company and his customer asked for a "pain machine". Bob offered him a claw type ball hammer as he figured that would cause all the pain the gentleman needed!! Bob was told by Mr. Jernigan that he had heard of a machine that would make pain go away, not cause it. Bob researched it and found one employee in his company of 400 + that had heard of such a device and it was called a "TENS" machine or "Pain Box".

No Knee Replacement Surgery - Free Trial Infrex Functional Restoration


 Don't get knee replacement surgery until you've tried functional restoration with a certified practitioner using the Infrex interferential pain machine. 


      We will offer you a free trial and free first treatment to establish whether we can help you permanently avoid knee replacement surgery.  For most people it takes only 3-6 treatments, at home use of the Infrex, and no surgery is needed.   Our functional restoration practitioners can do Skype consults or in person.  First visit is free and most follow up treatments are no more than $40 per session.   


     The Infrex Plus Restorer will be used on the first visit so you can actually feel the pain go away.   The FR practitioner will prescribe exercises, in conjunction with interferential stimulation,  to heal and strengthen the supporting muscle and other tissues permanently avoiding knee replacement surgery.  


      Try Infrex and Functional Restoration before undergoing knee replacement surgery.  


 Free trial. 


A. Notifier:  MedFaxx, Inc. 
B. Patient Name:  ____________________________  
C. Identification Number:  Medicare Number: _____________________
MedFaxx Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN)
NOTE:   Medicare will pay for a tens unit, code E0730) for chronic pain.  The  Portable Infrex Plus Interferential  Machine,  below, has two modes, one is tens and the other is interferential.  The tens mode is covered by Medicare under the E0730 billing code. 
Medicare does not pay for everything, even some care that you or your health care provider have good reason to think you need. We expect Medicare may not pay the full price for the D. Portable Infrex Plus Interferential  Machine   below. 
 D. Portable Infrex Plus Interferential  Machine
E. Reason Medicare May Not Pay:  Will declare "interferential therapy" as "experimental".  Interferential therapy has been used since 1953.  Medicare does pay for a tens machine. 
F. Infrex  Cost is:   $895.00  price
Read this notice, so you can make an informed decision about your care.  
Ask us any questions that you may have after you finish reading.
Choose an option below about whether to receive the D. Portable Infrex Plus Interferential  Machine  listed above or a standard tens unit.  
Note:  If you choose Option 1 or 2, we may help you to use any other insurance  that you might have, but Medicare cannot require us to do this.
G. OPTIONS:     Check only one box.  We cannot choose a box for you.
☐ OPTION 1.  I want the D.   listed above.  Medfaxx may ask Medicare to be paid now for the tens unit, but I also want Medicare billed for an official decision on payment, which is sent to me on a Medicare Summary Notice (MSN).  I understand that if Medicare doesn’t pay the full price of an Infrex Plus,  but does pay for a tens unit,  that I am responsible for any additional balance due.  I can appeal to Medicare by following the directions on the MSN.   If Medicare does pay for the tens unit , you will credit  any payments Medicare made to you, less co-pays or deductibles toward the purchase price of the Infrex Plus at $895.00.  
☐ OPTION 2.   I want the   D.   listed above, but do not bill Medicare. You will ask to be paid now, or minimally $450 security deposit for the trial of the Infrex Plus.   I am responsible for payment in full if I decide to keep the Infrex Plus . I cannot appeal if Medicare is not billed.    
☐ OPTION 3. I don’t want the D.   listed above.  I understand with this choice I am not responsible for payment, and I cannot appeal to see if Medicare would pay.  I understand I will be sent a tens unit, not the Infrex Plus unit. 
H. Additional Information:  
This notice gives our opinion, not an official Medicare decision.
 If you have other questions on this notice or Medicare billing, call 1-800-937-3993.    MedFaxx provides several videos and articles concerning this policy on the web site, http://www.medfaxxinc.com. 
Signing below means that you have received and understand this notice. You also receive a copy. 
 I. Signature:______________________________________
J. Date:       _______________________________________
   According to the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, no persons are required to respond to a collection of information unless it displays a valid OMB control number.  The valid OMB control number for this information collection is 0938-0566.  The time required to complete this information collection is estimated to average 7 minutes per response, including the time to review instructions, search existing data resources, gather the data needed, and complete and review the information collection.
 If you have comments concerning the accuracy of the time estimate or suggestions for improving this form, please write to:
Billing Compliance 
P.O. Box 1289
Wake Forest, N.C.  27588-1289


Lease An Infrex Portable Inteferential Stimulator For Life ( No Interest, Reduced Price - $895.00 ) 

   We know the way health insurance costs are escalating, while deductibles are increasing for less services, that for most patients it is becoming a nightmare to get help that is affordable.    Our Infrex portable interferential unit is very effective for most forms of chronic pain, but that means nothing if a patient can not afford it.   Effective today, September 1, 2011 the Infrex unit can be leased for a total of $895.00 for life.   


    If you can not afford that amount up front we will arrange a payment plan of $100 down, $100 month until paid for.  No interest charged if you make all payments on time.  If payments not made on time then the interest rate will be as high as allowed by law. 


   For Medicare/Medicaid patients, before we can send the unit to you, the ABN form ( Advanced Beneficiary Notice) must be signed and returned.  You can print and copy the form and fax to us at 919-570-0354.  

   We do accept credit card payments for the lease amounts and for security deposit. 


Non Pharmacological Pain Management
By Bob G Johnson

In 1987 Dr. Giovanni De Domenico (Gion) was one of the first to show that there are two methods of pain control. The popular Melzack/Wall "gate control" theory was the dominant theory. Gate control focused on the inhibition of the upward flow of electrical stimulus from the source of pain, to the spinal cord, and transmission up the spinal cord to the brain cortex for interpretation and reaction.

The gate control theory fits very conveniently into the process of electrical stimulation of "non pain fibers" to enhance the deliverability of non pain messages. If non pain fibers are stimulated by an external interferential functional restoration device, then the pain fibers are not allowed access to the spinal cord for transfer to the brain. This theory fit in very nicely for explaining the way a tens ( transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator ) worked to suppress the unnatural chronic pain stimulus. As long as one wore the tens unit then the pain message was prohibited from ascending to the brain. In general conversation this is called an "ascending theory of pain", i.e. moving up or toward the brain - ascending.


Dr. De Domenico had another theory of a descending inhibitor of chronic pain. Gion's observations were formed by his early work with the use of interferential therapy for functional restoration. Gion had observed that most patients, following interferential therapy in the clinic, had long periods of time relatively painfree. He knew it could not be explained by the existence of an ongoing external electrical stimulus from a tens type machine. In the absence of external stimulation there would be no inhibition to an ascending message. Gion proposed the internal existence of a descending inhibitory message that was preventing the recurrence of pain message stimuli.

Dr. Gion explained that it was obviously not produced pharmacologically if the patient was not taking medications so he hypothesized it could be an internal pharmacological phenomena induced by interferential stimulation. He showed how the cortex of the brain actually helped produce natural pain inhibitors naturally by a descending pathway down the spinal column that blocked the pathways chemically for pain stimulus signals to be transported.

The descending pathway theory, coupled with the work of Dr. Sjolund showing the importance of internal peptides, most common being enkelphalins and endorphins, created the natural process on internal chemical change to stop unnatural chronic pain signals. This chemical process internally is what today drives the non pharmacological method of pain control using functional restoration interferential techniques.

Generally speaking the idea of allowing external pharmacological agents to be used for chronic pain has too many undesirable side effects, including death or furtherance of disease processes, and can be costly. External physical medicine electrical therapies are creating natural methods of helping chronic pain patients suffering from debilitating disease such as neuropathies, fibromyalgia, chemotherapy induced nerve damage, and even RSD, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, to have hope for natural production of inhibitory chemicals to stop chronic pain signals.

   Today the carryover effects of Infrex Plus interferential therapy, on an "as needed basis", at home therapy is reconfirming the mechanisms of a descending pain control mechanism in the body activated by external interferential stimulation.


Pain Releif

Breakthrough For Neuralgia Pain - Self Treat At Home - Medication Free - Body Learns To Stop Pain Naturally - See Video Below




Video on Breakthrough In Drug Free Pain Relief Technology, the INFREX PLUS.


   Our Infrex Plus Combines Tens with Interferential, resulting in the most effective types of electrotherapy in the world for home and clinical use in one portable unit.

   Interferential therapy has been used safely and effectively in the clinic, hospital, or pain cinic successfully since 1953.  Now you can self treat neuralgia pain at home, 30 minutes daily for approximately 3 weeks then possibly weekly for 30 minutes after the body has learned to stop the pain. 

   A Free Trial Is Available For You To Determine If The Infrex Is Right For You - Click Now To Start Your Free Trial

     With over 30+ years in business you can count on our company being here to help you.

     The Infrex Plus is easy to use, you will know in FIVE Minutes that it's working by relieving your pain while you use it.  Also immediately after treatment the pain will not reoccur for hours, days, weeks or possibly months.

     For more information on Infrex Plus just click.


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