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        Functional Restoration is effective to treat achilles tendonitis before further injury ruptures the achilles tendon.  Achilles tendonitis often initiates as "pain behind the heel" for most people.   Functional restoration intervenes early in the acute stage of achilles tendonitis to reduce the swelling and lessen the inflammatory responses.  Using functional exercises to increase range of motion of supporting muscles and increase ability of muscles to excessive force avoids the tendon rupture.  Functional restoration is a process of active exercise, combined with electrical stimulation during and after exercising, that avoids rupture and avoids achilles tendon rupture surgery.




This video explains more about avoiding rupture and non surgical intervention for ruptured achilles tendons.   View our web site for more information or call us if additional information needed. 


Functional Restorative Exercises For MS Pain



Multiple sclerosis patients often experience pain which inhibits their ability to function. The general observation has been, and continues to be, the pain is from a neuropathic origin. That observation needs qualification since it appears often the source of the pain can be corrected if it is a structural pain, rather than neuropathic. Most MS patients are able to perform functional restoration therapy programs and overcome the pain before, during and after treatment.

A MS patient may have tender points which are small areas of intense pain that exist and become worse upon palpation/touch. Loss of mobility becomes worse over time when stretching, exercising, and mobility is not done, or restricted, due to the presence of pain. The answer to pain reduction and greater mobility may be overcome by examination of the complaint of pain and looking for a structural reason such as hypermobility, joint movement restriction, inflammation and other types of pain causations that are observed daily in non MS patients.

The goal of a functional restoration program would be to regain movement and increase activity levels by eliminating pain and correcting the structural problem that originates the pain.

A functional restorationist, often a physical therapist, athletic trainer, or Naprapath doctor helps the patient learn correct body movement and reduces stress to other body parts by increasing the strength of the muscles involved in exercise and movement. Most functional restoration clinicians have some degree of expertise in physical medicine and are trained to observe structural deficiencies.

During the sessions the MS patient is treated with electro stimulation (estim) to overcome the immediate pain and continues the estim throughout the processes. Correct movement is taught, pain is contained, and function is restored.

In most cases the pain ceases to exist during therapy and the estim provides what is called "carryover" pain relief following the functional restoration session. The functional therapy can be completed in a clinical setting or can be done via Skype or other visual monitoring devices in the comfort of the MS patient's home.

The essence of functional restoration is to strengthen weak muscles so correct movement is restored and weight bearing stress to the joints is properly dispersed. The clinician is able to monitor the MS patients susceptibility to specific points of pain and, with the use of electrical stimulation, actually treats the multiple pain points during and after the treatment sessions. Advanced functional restorationist clinicians often supplement post treatment with auricular stimulation if deemed necessary.

If pain for the multiple sclerosis patient is properly diagnosed for cause the MS patient can assume a healthier life style devoid of unnecessary pain. To fail to do so subjects the MS patient to complicating treatment issues involving adding "chronic pain" as a secondary diagnosis rather than treating it for cause, not symptoms.

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Todos los médicos FR están certificados por el Colegio Americano de Medicina Física.


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The Functional Restoration Pain Clinics:  Click here for weekly updates of new clinics )   


  All FR clinicians are certified by the  American College of Physical Medicine. 


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  • First visit is FREE to ascertain if the Restoration treatments are beneficial to you.  You make that call based upon your level of satisfaction.
  • Our clinicians only charge for treating you successfully.  Our goal is to satisfy your health needs to your satisfaction.  
  • General charges for a visit are in the range of $50 - $250 per session.  The charges are set by the individual clinics and each clinic treats the patient based upon what is deemed necessary therefore the fees change based upon the level of service indicated.  
  • Phone Consults and Skype consults are often available at a reduced fee if travel is an issue



Our independent Functional Restorationists own their own clinics and develop special expertise in the application of functional, pain free movement integrating the Infrex electrotherapy modalities.   Many patients are able to use Skype for treatments from the clinicians with interactive communications.   Most conditons can be successfully treated in 5-12 office or Skype visits, and may or may not require home use of the Infrex Plus or other home Infrex devices. 


The Clinicians Utilize Specialized Treatment protocols often developed by Dr. Giovanni De Domenico for:




1. Sports medicine injuries - return faster and stronger 

2. Strapped sprained ankle

3. Ruptured calf muscle

4. Ruptured calf muscle strapping in place

5. Knee medial ligament strengthening

6. Tennis elbows

7. Tennis elbow  - alternative placement where edema, tenderness

8. Thoracic nerve pain injuries

9. Trigeminal nerve ( TMJ) – mandibular branch

10 Trigeminal nerve ( TMJ) – maxillary branch

11.Trigeminal (TMJ)   - ophthalmic branch

12. Osteoarthritis hip (OA)

13. Osteoarthritis hip – lumbar spine

14. Osteoarthritis knee

15.  Osteoarthritis    - alternative pain areas

16. Cervical spondylosis

17. OA – interphalyngeal joints

18. Subdeltoid bursitis

19. Biceps tendinitis

20. Capsulitisglenohumeral joint

21. Supraspinatus tendinitis

22. Lumbago

23. Sciatica

24. Incontinence - urinary and fecal 

25. Asthma

26. OA – temporomandibular joint

27. Urinary stress Incontinency


28. Abdominal Organ Stimulation  

29. Circulation stimulation 

30. Muscle spasm and spasticity 

31. Chronic Edema – 

32. Acute edema reduction 

33. Muscle re-education 

34. Muscle strengthening

35. Vasoactive Intestinal polypeptide ( V.I.P.) – Circulatory improvement 

36. Non union fracture healing

37. Wound healing

38. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)

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More protocols are developed by the FR clinics daily as success is found varying treatment techniques and electrical parameters. 

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