Infrex Plus Portable Interferential Machine

   The Infrex Plus is the most powerful portable interferential unit available today due to the AC adaptor for unlimited power supply. 

   Historically the problem with any portable interferential unit has been what type battery system is capable of a draw down of 8,000+ pulses per second ( rate or frequency).  Simply stated that means the machine is going off and on at least 8,000 times each second.  Many patients would go to a clinic or hospital for an interferential treatment because there were no viable options to having a unit to use when needed unless one purchased a clinical unit costing $4,000 - $15,000 per interferential machine.  A single treatment could easily cost $100 or more and patients had to guess when they would need a treatment.

   For years companies made what were called "portable interferential units" powered by a 9 volt or 4 AAA batteries.  These units literally would last for less time than it took to walk to the cashier window in the clinic before the batteries had been totally exhausted.  The demand for the energy interferential generates overwhelmed the battery  technology available.  If one wanted a unit to last for one typical clinical treatment ( 20 minutes) then the battery system would be so large the batteries needed would fit in a wheelbarrow.  That removes the "portability" factor and would exacerbate most chronic pain situations (:)!!

   One recent change has been in the progress of new and better batteries which last longer.   The circuitry for electrical muscle stimulator devices, tens electrical stimulators, etc. has improved to be more energy efficient.  Wave forms away from the traditional sine wave to the balanced biphasic square wave have improved  electrotherapy devices.

    The one big change for the Infrex Plus that has made the unit so effective in providing pain relief during treatment and extended carryover pain relief was the addition of the AC adaptor.  With the AC adaptor the electrical energy supply is literally the grid you draw from.  In the U.S. it is unlimited.  Most chronic pain patients have accessability to electrical outlets and can gain pain relief when needed.

   Also the new batteries, as well as the mixing of the electricity in the Infrex unit, have given the rechargeable battery system an extended life of 80 minutes of treatment time.  In almost all cases that is sufficient energy for at least 2 separate interferential treatments wherever the patient is.  It is intended to be a portable electronic first aid kit until the patient can get to an electrical outlet. Any patient traveling, in a public area, on an athletic field etc. can now treat using only the rechargeable battery system as the sole power source.

  When the body is deprived of sleep the healing processes are also impeded making the patient more vulnerable to other diseases, infections, and more susceptible to viruses, bacterial infections and much more.  The body needs time to recharge in order to stay well and functional.

  Drug medications are often prescribed but have high incidences of risk for the patient, including chronic dependency on them, to sleep.  Often chronic pain patients have already been prescribed other pain medications and are at much higher risk of drug interactions which only makes the patient  worse. 

    In the March 10, 2010 edition of Pain Management News the below article on preventing cluster headaches is presented.  Here is the  the article , and reprinted at the bottom of this summary.  

    The reason this article was interesting is the use of electricity,  in some fashion ( pretty sure not interferential but more tens type stimulation )  helps in this extreme pain situation, when other things failed.  Help was not 100% but did apparently improve the patient's life by less pain, less frequently. 

    Can the same stimulation occur without surgery?  Apparently, even with surgery, there is no direct electrode to nerve placement, but there is an "electrical stimulation sensation" in the general area the nerve(s) resides.  This is not new as electricity will take the path of least resistance rather than the most direct path.  If electricity can pass through cellular fluids, rather than direct through bone tissue, it will go for cell and their fluid content.  

   The most interesting point, similar to "carryover pain relief " provided by Infrex interferential stimulation on an external basis, is the electricity changes the basic chemical pain producing properties of the underlying cells and tissues.  If this is what is happening,  will stimulation of a painful area change the pain producing chemical cycle so it no longer exists or only recurs on a less often sporadic basis?

   Confusion reigns supreme when one tries to find a tens unit on the internet.  It's so bewildering for the patient who generally has heard of the "pain machine" and is now searching trying to find out what it is and how to buy.   Unfortunately there is very little good factual information on how to compare one tns unit to another and also if the company that is selling the unit is reliable. 

   This article is actually supplementary to the article on how electricity affects cells

   Historically the term "alternative medicine" has created all sorts of imagery for the "non-traditional" treatments of illness.  The "traditional crowd" often excused the "non traditional crowd" as lacking in scientific proof or were shysters trying to make a buck off those who had exhausted traditional options.

   By the same token the "non-traditional crowd" frowned upon the "traditional crowd" who had failed their patients using traditional methods and then criticized the non traditional crowd for trying to help those who had been relegated to disease, death or permanency in their existing conditions.  With chronic pain often the chant was "if you just take aspirin, bed rest, and hot/cold treatments then in 85% of the cases the pain will naturally go away anyway", which ignores reality of the chronic pain patient who did do that, and much more, with no success therefore they went from acute to chronic.

   Having returned from the American Academy of Pain Management (AAPM)there is a new treatment paradigm emerging which integrates both approaches.  It's called "Complementary Medicine".

Treating Urinary Stress Incontinency With Interferential Therapy In A Private Home Setting

  For many years urologists and physical therapists have used electrical stimulation techniques to eliminate stress incontinence.  A variety of electrodes, some internal,  some external have been used with varying degrees of success.  It appears the incidence of women being affected more than men may be due to the anatomy of the female created for child bearing which alters the control mechanisms to prevent incontinency.

  True stress incontinence is a situation where a patient cannot maintain normal passive

The Versa-Pac Uses Urea Rather Than Ammonium Nitrate As The Cooling Agent


Athletic contests, first aid kits, even for our U.S. Military the benefits of cold therapy intitally offset damage caused by injury.  The Versa-Pac uses environmentally friendly Urea rather than ammonium nitrate, environmentally unfriendly, for instant cold.  One issue with ammonium nitrate is shipping is not allowed due to the danger of products containing ammonium nitrate and therefore it is prohibited.  Urea is safe, effective and can be shipped. 

  • Non-toxic
  • Non-caustic
  • Not considered a hazardous material
  • Non-combustible
  • Non-explosive
  • No shipping restrictions

  Versa-Pac instant cold packs maintain sufficient temperature for cold therapy for up to 20 minutes.  Perfect for the first aid kit or athletic trainers to have for high school, college, professional sports teams for sprains, strains, muscle injuries and other sports or athletic injuries requiring cold therapy.

Available in 5 x 7 inch size or 6 x 9 inch.
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