Many patients have a need for cables for older tens units.  They are disappointed to find the F.D.A. changed the rules in 1999 on cables that would be allowed for tens units.  This change lead the manufacturers to completely rework new tens units so the old cables would not work.  The problem for the patient wanting to keep their old tens unit was no cables were available so the patient ended up having their unit technically obsolete.  MedFaxx answered that issue for our patients since many were getting great relief and did not want to move away from what had worked.  Below is an answer sent recently, 2008, to one of those customers helping them solve the problem.

In almost all situations it's cheaper for the patient to literally get a new unit, especially since now one can get the combination tens/interferential unit, Infrex Plus, rather than just a tens unit, but if you love that old unit below is a solution.


Hi Mrs. Milliken,

Below is a picture of the cables that we have. If your unit was made before the year 2000, it will be almost impossible for you to get cables to fit it. Below the first picture is a picture of an adapter that will work with the new cable. If your current cable has the metal piece on the end of the cable, you will need what is in these pictures. The price of a set of two cables and two adapters (one for each outlet on the tens unit) is $40.00, plus shipping and handling charges.  If you use only one side of the tens, and want only one cable and one adapter, the cost will be $20.00, plus shipping and handling charges. You will then need to purchase some glue and glue the adapter onto your unit before using them.





Another alternative would be a new unit and new cables altogether. If you are covered by any insurance, we could bill your insurance company for the unit. If you are covered by Medicare, we would be able to bill Medicare. If you don’t have insurance, we do have very affordable units. (However, remember if you do get a new unit, you would need to get a prescription first.) I hope this has helped you. If you would like to talk about it or have any questions, give me a call at 1-800-937-3993. I hope we’ll be able to get you “fixed up” with the tens.


Manager - Customer Service



Sciatica Pain Treatment

    The sciatica pain slowly begins due to the lifestyle and habits necessary created by the pain of CBP - chronic back pain.  It is a prolonged onset of symptoms culminating in the secondary diagnosis of “sciatica” or “sciatic pain”.   Sciatica pain treatment is aimed at maximizing mobility and independence.  Treatment is conservative in as many as 50% of all cases and sciatic pain will greatly diminish or disappear within a month with supportive treatments and proper stretching. Sciatic nerve pain relief has been found using moist heat in combination with stretching exercises such as hip swings ( face down, heels together, hips flat as you swing your legs back and forth to stretch the muscles) .  For long term and longer periods of pain relief it is recommended to use interferential therapy in conjunction with or as a stand alone treatment for sciatic pain relief.

         The use of interferential therapy in conjunction with moist heat prior to beginning exercising can greatly benefit the patient and the interferential therapy can provide long term carryover pain relief for days.  Immediately after the interferential treatment it’s important to keep moving, not too fast, but move. If you sit for too long at a time, your muscles will tighten much quicker. If you’ve ever noticed that your pain is worse in the morning, after sleeping all night,  then you realize as you get up and move then you are able to move with less pain which helps ease the pain. This is why moving is an important treatment for sciatica.   During any exercise or movement,  such as walking,  the interferential mode may be switched over to TNS ( transcutaneous nerve stimulation ) and worn while exercising or if the exercise period is less than 45 minutes the Infrex Plus can be worn and use the rechargeable batteries.

     If you would like a FREE trial of the Infrex Plus unit in the convenience of your home or office just fill in the below form, or call us at  800-937-3993  to discuss any questions you have and how we can help.  There is No obligation, No cost to you. 
                                                      This is a FREE TRIAL Offer.


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     MedFaxx will donate $100 for any Infrex Plus unit purchased, or 30% of what MedFaxx receives for any tens unit purchase ( applies also if the Infrex Plus has to be sold as a tens unit ) to your favorite charity, ours, or to you for helping a friend in chronic pain.
    The Partnership for Pain Relief was founded to focus the power of the Internet on a specific humanitarian need: the eradication of chronic pain. We want to eliminate unnecessary surgery, eliminate the use of habit forming drugs aimed at  dulling the senses and prevent the continuation of life altering treatment methods that negatively afffect everyday life. 

     Since the creation of MedFaxx in 1977 it has been very apparent that many chronic pain patients had wished they had known of the tens/interferential treatments that solved their pain problems prior to failure of conventional treatments which prolonged their misery and in some cases caused considerably more damage.   The Partnership for Pain Relief's purpose is to educate and provide free trials to chronic pain patients referred by friends and physicians.   The use of the Infrex Plus and tens is indicated where conventional treatments have failed.  We absolutely believe if the underlying cause can be determined for the chronic pain then treat the cause so the patient is pain free.  Unfortunately the diagnosis itself , chronic pain, is indicative that all previous treatments did not work therefore the symptom becomes the diagnosis which is extremely rare in medicine as now the effect is being treated, not the cause.

     Since 1977 well over 10,000 people have benefitted from and returned to a normal pain free life by using interferential and tens treatments at home.  So many patients have stated to us at Medfaxx:

   " Why didn't someone tell me about the tens before I had to suffer through so much?"

    By the use of friends helping friends and the power of the internet MedFaxx started the Partnership For Pain Relief program to help break the cycle of not knowing of viable options.   In exchange for helping your friends MedFaxx will donate to your favorite charity, ours or pay you for helping your friend. 

   Choose your option.   Sign up now.



     Do you experience some excruciating pain in your foot? Then you have to pay enough attention to it. That foot injury may be what is known as plantar fasciitis and generally affects only a single foot. On the other hand, the bilateral plantar fasciitis is rare and can be the result of the so-called systemic arthritic condition. This type is also found to be unusual among the athletes.

    Males are more prone to this condition compared to females since the latter are commonly not so engaged in gaining severe weight, ground impact, and speed. Males are by and large more hooked into doing sports and other extreme activities. Thus, you must know if you are afflicted with the condition and you can better do this by familiarizing yourself with the plantar fasciitis symptoms.

Getting to Know Plantar Fasciitis

    Plantar fasciitis is a condition that is characterized by the inflammation of the plantar fascia which is the sturdy fibrous band of tissue which is found from that of the heel bone towards the base of your toes. The tearing of the plantar fascia is commonly caused by the strenuous activities such as jumping and running, and other natural conditions like the high arches, flat feet, or overpronation. If there is tearing in this area, the sufferer experiences swelling and pain. The throbbing pain can be associated with many reasons. It may be due to the sudden change in one's routine, lesser arch support for a prolonged time, less flexibility in the calf or muscles, injury that affects the normal pattern of walking, prolonged standing, and even obesity. It doesn't matter whether your shoes has a resounding brand name but if it lacks support and comfort for your foot, it is going to be useless. Furthermore, you can expect for plantar fasciitis to bother you.

Unearthing the Symptoms

    The principal plantar fasciitis symptom is that of the acute pain which is totally bothersome for the inner side of your heel. If the pain that you feel every morning as you rise from the bed upon waking up continues on a daily basis, then you have to get checked for plantar fasciitis. It may be eased during the later part of the day but doing other stressful activities will prompt the persisting sharp pain to be regained. Another symptom is that of the pain that cuts through the foot while walking, standing for a long time, and climbing the stairs. The pain can also be felt after completing an exercise regimen. Likewise, you will notice the tenderness of the heel as well as the tightness of the calf muscles.

    Take a good rest, sleep in the proper position at night, do stretching exercises daily, and wear the right kind of shoes. Doing these will grant you with utmost comfort.

    These plantar fasciitis symptoms must not be ignored. As soon as you experience any of these, better get medical attention as soon as possible. Don't let it worsen or else you will be subjected to a surgical procedure which can hamper your daily routine while at the same time will give you tons of frustrations.

     Leinster Clinic Biomechanics Lab is run by Senior Orthotist David Kingston B.Sc.(Hons) Orth

    Find out more answers about Plantar Fasciitis and other foot pain problems.  If experieincing chronic pain from Plantar Fasciitis then consider watching the video on the use of the Infrex Plus for stopping foot pain and controlling  without the use of pain medications.


Infrex Plus unit


   A muscle cramp or spasm is a sudden, uncontrolled contraction of a muscle. This type of pain is most commonly experienced in the legs, and therefore often called a leg cramp or a "charley horse."

    The exact cause of a leg cramp is not completely understood, but there are some factors that are thought to contribute to this condition:

• Muscle fatigue
• Heavy exercising
• Dehydration
• High weight (not necessarily obesity)
• Electrolyte imbalances
• Medications (statins, prednisone, others...)

    The most common cause that is typically seen in patients who develop leg cramps is exercising in an unusual way, meaning either more activity or a different exercise. Leg cramps are more common in young (adolescent age) and older (over 65) patients. Patients who weigh more are more prone to developing leg cramps. Also, some medications can cause side effects of leg cramping.

   'Charley-horses' is the first place your body targets when you are dehydrated. Drink lots of water! I recommend purified water and Mineral Water mixed 50/50. The Mineral Water is going to put back into the muscles the minerals they are losing on a daily basis. You must drink beyond your thirst to get the benefits of hydration.

    I suggest that adults and children drink 40 ounces of water per 100 pounds of body weight every day. Realize that exercise, ambient temperature, and state of health affect the water needs of your body.

    In the evening take a hot bath with 2 cups of dissolved Epsom salts and soak for 30 minutes. Afterwards, if you have something shaped like a cylinder and made out of hard material (think of a large rolling pin you would use for pizza dough or something) place it under your leg and push down and roll it back and forth...this should massage the spasms out of your leg. It will hurt while you're doing it, but more so the type of pain that actually feels good, in the long run. Afterwards massage an analgesic cream into the area. You will start feeling better very quickly.

    Take 500mg of calcium and magnesium every evening. This will help stop the cramping as these minerals have a significant relaxing affect on the muscles.

    Eat a diet with lots of fresh green vegetables. These vegetables uncooked have tremendous amounts of minerals that will feed the muscles. Today's diet is greatly lacking in fresh vegetables and fruits. The water that's contained in vegetables and fruit has the greatest absorption of minerals into the body.

    I strongly recommend that people take a digestive enzymes capsule every time they eat to optimize the absorption of the foods they are consuming. Without enzymes your body cannot absorb food. This is one of the reasons that people are constantly hungry - their body is no longer producing enzymes in their stomach. This is common nowadays because of lifestyle (consuming fast food daily) and illnesses.

    If you find this problem continuing you should see your medical doctor because it's possible it could be a more serious problem and will need medical investigation.

Cherokee Bille

   Individuals who are suffering from arthritis and rheumatism usually experience excruciating pain even with the slightest movement or touch. Some cannot even perform the simplest and mundane activities like climbing up the stairs, picking paper on the floor, or getting out of the bed. This is the reason why many are all too willing to take pain relievers, even if such medications have adverse effects.

  If you are one of the many who experience joint and muscle pains due to arthritis and rheumatism, you do not need to sacrifice your health by taking a lot of pain relievers just to ease pain. There is actually a lot food available in the market that can help minimize the throbbing pains you are feeling. Just be sure to include these grubs in your daily diet to help improve your condition.

  Injuries to our body can be very debilitating to say the least. Unlike bone breaks, the injury to soft tissues such as muscle tissue, can take literally years to heal and can result in permanent disability. Much of the healing process deals with whether the patient is doing rehab. exercises or not and can the patient withstand the pain of the process. It is widely recognized that following a bone break in which the bone is treated by immobilization, usually casted, that the bone heals fairly quickly and with little residual bad effects such as weakening of the bone itself. It is in the case of non union fractures that an electrical device is used to insure the bone heals.  Generally the success rate for this type application is 80% success with cases that were 100% not healing. That is not true with muscle or soft tissue injuries and much of that is due to the scar tissue that replaces the original tissue in the area.

 Scar tissue is composed of fibrous connective tissue, which is not flexible, is low tensile strength, non conductive electrically, and interrupts blood flow thereafter to surrounding tissues. The connective tissue forms through tissue such as skin, muscle or internal organs. It can be found on any tissue on or in the body. The human body is incapable of reforming damaged areas back to their original composition, exception being formative years and somewhat through first 6 months of life, so fibrous tissue is rebuilt in its place. This replacement tissue has limited capabilities compared to the original, and also may weaken the structure due to the loss of original muscle tissue being replaced by scar tissue. When skin or organs are damaged, the body naturally wants to heal itself. Since the body cannot re-create healthy skin or tissue, it puts together new fibers that are not as functional as the original tissue, but that serve as a protective, useful barrier. When this barrier is completely healed, it is known as a scar.

 Scar tissue can be found on any tissue on the body, including skin and internal organs, where an injury, cut, surgery or disease has taken place, and then healed. Thicker than the surrounding tissue, scar tissue is paler and denser because it has a limited blood supply; although it takes the place of damaged or destroyed tissue, it is limited in function, including movement, circulation, and sensation. Other than with minor cuts and scrapes, scarring is a common result of any bodily damage.

 For years we've known of the ability to facilitate faster healing using electrotherapy devices especially for wounds; decubitus ulcers, as well as non-union fractures, bones. Electrical input from an external source, be it classified as high voltage, micro current, interferential or tens; supplies the sources of healing power to the body and the body then uses the elements of the supplied power to effect positive changes. Our body is constantly trying to return to normalcy and will do so with little intervention from us. The process of living and growing is a process of electrical currents assisting the body to produce chemical changes. Death is not a depletion of chemicals but a depletion of electrical energy in the body.

 The supplying of electricity is no different than a person knowing they need nutrients so they may eat a banana, cereal, meat, potatoes, cheese, and heaven forbid a little dessert now and then! Our bodies can then take what is supplied, use what is needed and discharge what is not. Our body is actually far smarter than our conscious thinking mind gives credit for. Where you see this repeatedly is in the use of vitamin supplements and our body can not process them in the form ingested, or due to some other reason. Our body will then pass through the vitamin/nutrient rather than absorb it.

 It is the same with supplying an electrical charge. The body decides if it needs the positive ions, the negative ions and discards what charges are not needed once it has chosen it's "electrical nutrients". We still remain somewhat in the dark in deciding what aspect of the electrical charge/field our body needs so we offer a smörgåsbord of choices and let the body use what it needs, discarding what is not needed as it does with vitamins/nutrients. With the advent of the use of interferential therapy we can now do so much more to aid our body, not only for pain, but in effecting more rapid healing with less long term disability.


   Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) , also known as tic douloureux, is considered by many to be among the most painful of conditions of mankind, and was once labeled the "suicide disease" because of the significant numbers of people taking their own lives before effective treatments were discovered. The disease entity of Trigeminal Neuralgia has been known now for centuries. It is probably one of the worst kinds of pains known to man. An estimated one in 15,000 people suffers from trigeminal neuralgia, although numbers may be significantly higher due to frequent misdiagnoses. Trigeminal neuralgia is relatively rare. An estimated 45,000 people in the United States and an estimated one million people worldwide suffer from trigeminal neuralgia. It usually develops after the age of 40 and affects women in a 2:1 ratio.

    Trigeminal neuralgia results from a disorder of the trigeminal nerve and it is thought that TN results from irritation of the trigeminal nerve. This nerve supplies the face, teeth, mouth, and nasal cavity with feeling and also enables the mouth muscles to chew. The fifth cranial nerve gives sensation to almost the entire face, explaining why the disorder can cause pain in different areas of the face. Trigeminal neuralgia is the most frequent of all neuralgias.

   People with trigeminal neuralgia become plagued by intermittent severe pain that interferes with common daily activities such as eating and sleep. They live in fear of unpredictable painful attacks. It is an acute, piercing, electric shock-like pain in those regions of the face served by the Trigeminal (5th) Cranial Nerve (CN V) . CN V serves three areas of the face; the forehead and eye, the cheek, and the jaw. Although trigeminal neuralgia cannot always be cured, there are treatments available to alleviate the excruciating pain. Historically anti convulsive medications were normally the first treatment choice, such as Tegretol or Neurontin. In trigeminal neuralgia, painful attacks may occur frequently over the course of a few hours to several weeks at a time, and then diminish for a period of weeks or months. Each attack can last from a few seconds to up to 2 minutes. It may go into remission or stop completely for months or years.

   Due to trial and error use of medications the pain may be best controlled by the use of interferential stimulation, IFT, since the treatment can be rendered prior to the onset of the pain. With the portablility of the Infrex Plus unit the patient can treat as needed whereever the patient is.  The IFT brings immediate sensory relief and prevents pain or reduces the severity of the pain. Due to the face having less moisture because of the tissue types the interferential treatment may be best when used in conjunction with moist packs to allow greater penetration of the interferential current to block the pain to the brain. The elimination of the first primary attacks by interferential therapy can prevent the reoccurence of future attacks.

   Unlike drugs, the interferential treatment efficacy is immediate for the patient. Upon beginning treatment the relief is instant and can be long lasting due to the physiological changes caused by the interferential treatment itself. It is not uncommon for one 30 minute treatment of interferential to be sufficient to stop any recurrences of pain for months. With prolonged frequency of use, when needed, the trigeminal neuralgia may potentially be effectively eliminated and the patient remains free of the disease.

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