Osteoarthritis videoIf you suffer from painful osteoarthritis, electrotherapy may help ease the pain and allow for more movement and range of motion.

No obligation, no risk but we do need a prescription from a licensed medical doctor before we can send you your trial unit. We can help you get the prescription for the FREE TRIAL.

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Modern technology is a wonderful thing

   Pain relief that was previously only available by visiting the clinic; - over and over again -  is now here in a portable, at home unit. The Infrex Plus also combines interferential,  with the most used form of electrotherapy for chronic pain used outside the clinic - TENS -  and makes if eligible for reimbursement by most major insurance companies, including Medicare.

Most used pain therapy in the world

   Historically, Interferential treatment has been the most common form of pain management in the world. The major drawback has been, a large cumbersome machine was needed to make it work. Therefore, repeated trips to the clinic were nessecary. 

   If you are suffering from Chronic Back Pain, Sciatica, a Herniated Disc, Bulging Disc, Spinal StenosisPinched Nerve, Spinal pain, Lumbar pain, RSD, Fibromyalgia, Shingles, Phantom Limb pain, even Osteoarthritis you will gain relief using the Infrex Plus combination unit.  The Infrex Plus is designed to provide a  chronic pain solution without drugs and non-invasively.

FREE trial of the Infrex Plus

  Get this portable pain relief wonder in your home now. You will know right away if this therapy is right for you. No guess work involved. The Infrex Plus, may be covered by your insurance, even if it is not, we can work out a plan for you. We understand your pain and want to help.

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Headache PainIf you suffer from chronic headache pain, you are not alone. Stress, poor diet, way too much caffeine, improper posture, and a host of of problems, contribute to nasty headaches. And believe me, it's not fun to experience.

Most headache sufferers, especially those suffering from migraine headaches,  are simply looking for a solution, and fast. Some way to get rid of this darn headache, right now. Not everybody likes to take aspirin and various types of over the counter pain killers.

Electrode Care   Elizabeth Johnson, P.T., staff physical therapist of MedFaxx , shows in this video how to prolong the use of  tens electrodes and reduce costs by using proper electrode care.   Learn how to eliminate the out of pocket costs

Chronic Knee Pain  Electrode placement and electrode size are very important considerations when dealing with knee pain.  One of the best placements is the popliteal space but the problem is

Foot Pain  Watch our video on electrode placement for foot pain.  On this video you will also see how to place electrodes for wound healing in patients with diabetic neuropathy.  In most situations with diabetic neuropathies sensory input.......

Back Pain
      Watch our video on how to choose electrodes and electrode placement for chronic low back pain, CLBP.  You will learn the importance of location is to make sure the electrode placement effectively stimulates the pain area and overcomes the painful stimulus with a pleasant.....

V-254 Wound Lamp utilized the ultraviolet-C range of light to kill pathogens and is also approved by the FDA for dermatological use.  

One diagnosis that UV-C can dramatically change the outcome is diabetic neuropathy.   This is a video on the history of how the V-254 came into existence and the research that led to the V-254 as being the only FDA approved wound lamp for killing bacteria, mold, spores, viruses in the wound bed and for dermatological use. 

   Please enjoy our V-254 video on the history and use of ultraviolet for pathogen killing and dermatological applications.

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