How To Turn On The Infrex Plus Video

   This  video shows the Infrex patient step by step instructions on turning on the Infrex machine, which buttons to push and why, and how to begin using the Infrex Plus machine.  

  The Infrex Plus is a combination interferential tens machine however 99% of patients trying the Infrex only use the Interferential mode because of the "carryover pain relief" which a tens machine does not do.   1 or 2, 30/45 minute treatments per day, is the way most Infrex patients use the Infrex once they receive the unit.  After 2-3 weeks may only need the unit once or twice weekly due to carryover pain relief gained by preventing pain, not treating pain.   

   The Infrex unit is used to teach our brain to avoid the transmission of pain message when it is not due to a trauma but is a persistent, non natural continuous message.   The use of the Infrex is to teach the brain to stop the message and prevent the non natural message from being created.   Continuous training by using the Infrex Plus generally helps retrain the brain to stop the message and pain is lessened or eliminated. 



  This video explains the concept of using functional restoration electrical stimulation to restore function to multiple sclerosis patients.   The use of muscle stimulation, coupled with the thoughts to accomplish tasks ( function), and proper nutrition provides hope for patients suffering from MS or other autoimmune diseases involving myelin sheath destruction. 

   Enjoy this video connecting desire and electrical stimulation together to help patients sufffering from multiple sclerosis.

Listen to the fascinating story of Terry Walhs.

She did amazing things to herself.


   This video from NeuroMed is a very good video presentation explaining what it is about this particular clinical pain machine stimulator that describes why it works for certain patients.    It takes about 2..5 minutes to get into the explanation in case you want to fast forward to that point.    What I like about the video is an attempt to explain the chemical side of how our body works generally, cellular level.  Job well done. 

   What I observed  is the effects attributed are not due to frequency, but due to polarity changes - positive/negative charges.   As an example one of the "selling techniques" used by some companies is if you put an explanation out on how the body works chemically on a cellular level that adds to the base of knowledge, however to go from one body structure such as a cell and then go to specialized cells creating structures, ie. nerves, you have to be very careful making that leap.   The two do not necessarily correlate.    

   On our new Infrex FRM machine we will incorporate variables to adjust the Infrex FRM to fit prevailing proven methods of successful treatments.   As always not all people respond the same way so you always get mixed outcomes.  With variability you treat each patient, and are not stuck with protocols specific to general population samples, when your concern is the patient who is in front of you now.    


   Enjoy this very good video from Neuromed


Video explains how polarity - ( negative/positive) charges - are used by the body to effect healing, tissue repairs and maintain health, reversing sickness. 



An extension of this video on healing with electricity is our video on the basis for functional restoration.

    When one buys tens electrodes it becomes important as to how to care for the tens reusable electrodes and prolong their life to save money.   We have a video showing how to properly care for tens electrode pads, using some simple techniques such as storage in refrigerator, use toothbrush to scrape off dead skin and other tips can save you money. 



    Video To Learn How To Properly Use A Digital Tens Unit




Video explains when to use interferential and when to use tens mode on the Infrex Plus combination tens unit.


What is happening to me when I get an ultrasound treatment?  

This video explains the concept of using ultrasonic energy to increase heal rates and decrease pain.  For our article with more details click here.



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