List of Arthritis Supplements and Foods

  Many forms of arthrits can be helped by paying attention to diet.   As with all diets though it's important to remember one of the main, undiscovered benefits, of many diets is not what you eat but what the diet restricts one from eating.  Often a diet can contribute to arthritis pain and discomfort due to what is being consumed.

  Below is a list of generally recommended arthritis supplements which can improve health if attention is paid to consuming foods rich in these supplements.


1. Omega 3 Oils - Back to most fish but here are some additional tips for consuming more foods rich in Omega 3 oils -


  • Switch from corn oil to canola oil
  • Take omega 3 supplements like fish oil.  Often one can not consume, nor wants to consume, as much fish as needed
  • Eat salmon and canned tuna - if you have gout episodes you might want to avoid this.

2.  Vitamin C - Drink 2 - 3x daily a small glass of orange juice made from concentrate.  Since the body does not "store" Vitamin C you have to consume several times per day.

3. Vitamin D - Go outside in the sun.  If you are going shopping then park farther away so you have to walk in the sun.  Only 15 minutes per day may be enough exposure.

4. Vitamin E - Eat fresh green vegetables, reserving water to cook non rich Vit. E veggies in like potatoes.  Cook with soybean oil which can be used for at home salad dressings.   Also consume fresh nuts daily 2 - 3x.

5. Vitamin B foods - Eat asparagus and broccoli.  Don't be afraid to use frozen fresh veggies.

6.  Calcium - Drink milk and eat cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale, kohlrabi, and turnip greens.