Is GMO Modified DNA Helping Or Harming Humans?


   Recently it has been shown that GMO modified foods allow new DNA to be introduced directly into human blood by consumption of GMO modified foods.  It is also known that we consume many GMO modified foods without our knowledge.  In animal husbandry we have modified chickens for more breast meat, stronger resistance to many diseases, and changed their appearances for mass production for many years.   The same processes have been applied to the beef and pork industries.  Not only have the genes of the actual animals been modified but the animals themselves have been fed GMO modified foods.  

 Have these changes resulted in better human health or worse human health is a major topic of discussion today by consumers on GMO modified products.   Alterations in genetic DNA often take generations to do but, when artificially modified suddenly, are there long term negative results?  The answers to those questions will probably take many more studies and many more years to decide so what can be done now to avoid harm?

  One of the basic answers is allow consumers to form their own opinions and choose whether they desire to eat, or not eat GMO modified foods.   This can only be done by strict identification of GMO foods, or processed foods in which GMO food sources were used in the production or manufacturing of those foods.  Due to perceived risks to human health it's time to require identification of GMO and non GMO modified foods so consumers can decide for themselves.