The JUS 2 Constant & Pulsed Ultrasonic Machine


A Sound Investment - The JUS 2 Ultrasound Machine Can Be Rented for $135 monthly,  & shipping,  for short time injuries or use.  Ideal for home health professionals. 

Presenting Ultrasound therapy in simple yet most effective avatars;  JUS2. The JUS2 is a micro computer controlled desktop device which delivers continuous & Pulsed Ultrasound Therapy (1 MHz) through a unique ultrasound applicator for professional use. Unlike several other ultrasound devices available in the market, these devices are not bulky but sleek and lightweight and also very easy to use. The control panel and digital display have been aesthetically designed to provide maximum flexibility in selection.

Don’t mistake the performance of these devices for their simplicity! With selection of mode,  JUS2 provides the most effective Continuous and Pulsed treatments in pain relief and muscle rehabilitation. Besides you can offer your clients several other benefits of ultrasound therapy tailored to their needs. This cutting edge technology comes, power packed, in a sturdy ABS enclosure which allows you to carry these devices anywhere in the clinic occupying minimum space.

Special Features:

• Single Channel
• Ultrasonic Frequency : 1 MHz
• MKB Panel with Digital Display
• Selection:
• Mode: Continuous & Pulse
• Frequency: 1 MHz
• % Duty Cycle: Selectable 10,20 & 50%
• Treatment Time: Selectable from 1-60 minutes
• Maximum Intensity: 3 watt/cm2
• 1 Year Warranty


• Ultrasound Applicator
• Conductive Gel
• 3 Pin AC Cord
• Operation Manual
• Carry Bag (Optional)

In the U.S. a prescription is required to rent/buy by the FDA.   The prescription has to be from a licensed medical doctor and should state "ultrasound machine for _______  (diagnosis)"


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