With the knowledge of the human genome structure we are now entering the phase of learning how our body works using ion channels for protein placements within our cellular structures.   The ion channels often are voltage related, or polarity related which allows the entrance and exit of multiple proteins.  Prior to present day we lacked the knowledge to see and understand the role of ion channels as well as we lacked the computing power to see the specific momentary actions of the ion channels. The ion channels are opening and closing in the tens of millions times per second, and we simply did not have the storage and speed necessary in computing power to analyze momentary events and summarize those processes for an overview of the sequences leading to health and disease.   

  For most lay people, such as myself, the concepts of ion channels and polarity can be difficult to understand.   The explanations get muddled in the terminology used, such as this article itself referring to "voltage" and "polarity" at the same time.   Let's clear up what is really going on and find a better way to understand electrotherapy and ion channels.

   The structures in our body rely upon membranes.  For our body the one very large membranous structure is our skin.   Our skin serves to keep within and shield from out our internal organs while maintaining blood inside us .   If we drive deeper into life we find a multitude of living structures that depend upon a similar "skin", or membrane.  The membrane is a definable structure which has a varying electrical charge on either side of that membrane that differentiates the structure.

  What did I just say??   If you look at membranes you find a higher percent of potassium within the membrane than outside the membrane.   Measure potassium in the membrane may be 70%  and outside the membrane it's 30% ( this is an example only and not specific to actual cellular structure - for more on potassium & nature go here).   The membrane provides the isolation from the internal to the external.  It is this relationship that defines some of the purpose of the membrane.

    The membrane itself does not have a single electrical charge but the resting charge is constantly changing based upon the needs of the cell.  As that electrical charge changes then the ion channels allow the transport of needed proteins.  When the proteins are not needed then the membrane may have a predominant negative charge (-) which repels those ions with a negative charge ( as with a magnet likes repel (+/+), unlikes attract ( +/-).  As long as the charge is negative then negative ions can not enter the channels, however certain positives can.   That statement in and of itself will not stand alone without some additonal information on ion channels.  

   Ion channels also are physically restrictive.  If you were trying to put a tennis ball into a channel that only opens wide enough for a marble then it physically will not happen due to the physical restriction.  Ion channels have physical limitations although I'm not sure it is an all or nothing restriction.  In the example given about the tennis ball if the membrane was somewhat elastic then, with force,  the tennis ball might be compressed and forced into the channel.  Is the channel structure such that there is no elasticity is another question.  Given the tennis ball example,  being a protein with specific charge, the external applied electrical charge would push the protein into the cell via the ion channel of the membrane wall. 

  When certain proteins are allowed to pass into the ion channels then the other element of those proteins is the shape of the proteins.  If the protein structure can be dual such as linear versus helix then the ion channel may inhibit one while allowing the other protein due to it's structure.  The electrical charges of the Infrex, alternating frequently,  can also modify the protein structure it appears.  It is the constant electro polarity changes that feed human cells using the Infrex units that support protein transport in healing, disease prevention such as multiple sclerosis, and enhance athletic performance.  The process of more rapid production of ATP in the cellular mitochondria accelerates athletic performance and quickens recovery following injury such as ACL surgical repairs.

  The role of electric charges is to drive away and conversely,  attract to the cell, the necessary proteins that maintain health.  The phenomena we see with the use of electrotherapy for healing, for restoring myelin in multiple sclerosis is not totally understood other than the electrical charges enhance health and often reverse cellular destruction in multiple sclerosis, wound repair and muscle healing.  Electrical charges alter the way our body works beneficially.  

  For more on electrotherapy and health enjoy this video.

The Controls On The Infrex FRM For Operating

Indications for use:

INFREX FRM is indicated to be used for the following applications:

  • Pain Control Acutely or Chronic

·   Relaxation of Muscle Spasms

·    Prevention or Retardation of disease atrophy

·    Increasing local blood circulation

·   Muscle re-education

·   Maintaining or increasing range of motion.

·  Immediate postsurgical stimulation of calf muscles to prevent venous thrombosis

·   Electron Supplementation & Distribution




Step 1:

Turn ON the unit using Rocker Switch.

Note: LCD will light up showing all selectable parameters.

Step 2:

To change the frequency of main pulse, press "Rate" key,

       Note: The "Rate" icon will start flashing on LCD. Use ▲ or ▼ key to select desired frequency.

Step 3:

To change the frequency of carrier wave (Bio Wave), press "Bio Wave" key,

Note: The "Bio Wave" icon will start flashing on LCD, Use ▲ or ▼key to select desired carrier wave.

Step 4:

To change the Contraction and relaxation time of wave, press "C/R" key,

Note: The "Cont/Relax" icon will start flashing on LCD, Use ▲or ▼key to selectdesired C/R time.

Step 5:

To change the treatment Time, press "Time" key.

Note: The "Time" icon will start flashing on LCD, Use ▲orkey to select desired treatment time.

Step 6:

To change the polarity of wave, press "Polarity" key.

Note: The polarity will change from positive to negative or vice versa.

Step 7:

To activate output, press "Start/Stop" key.

Note: The "Power" icon will start flashing on LCD and CH1 icon will glow, Use ▲ or ▼key to select desired stimulation level for channel 1.


Step 8:

To Select channel CH2; press "CH2" key.

Note: "CH2" icon will glow and "Power" icon will start flashing on LCD, Use ▲or ▼key to select desired stimulation level for channel 2.

Step 9:

To balance the output wave, press "Balance" key.

Note: The“Balance" icon start flashing on LCD. Use ▲or ▼to balance the output of respective channel.


NOTE: During Relaxation period, the LCD will display “Relax” and ▲/ ▼keys on the panel will not work.

During Treatment Polarity cannot be changed.














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