Below unsolicited testimonial  from a MedFaxx progressive multiple sclerosis patient using a Functional Electrical Stimulator we supplied.   She has always been doing exercises but called us as she saw her muscles were wasting away even with the exercises and beginning to lose motor control.  We then set up a treatment protocol that met her schedule, set the parameters on the FES machine for her, and off she went.   

 She is following the dietary plans set up by Dr. Terry Wahls in her book "Minding My Mitochondria" and we used our knowledge of functional stimulation to create her protocol.    

  Deb, a Registered Nurse,  has had progressive multiple sclerosis for 40+ years.  The 1 inch increase in circumference was on calves and thighs. 


Hi Bob!


  I have some good news! Can you believe that since I've had the muscle stimulator that my leg muscles have increased in size by 1"! Isn't that amazing?! That has happened in about two months. I suspected it because my pants were fitting tighter. Thanks for the info that you send me.





  This conversation with Deb continued after this posting and we wanted to share this info. with those of you who might benefit understanding what is probably going on.   This done with Deb's permission. 

   Deb when you see the clinician on the Bioness device you need to point out how your muscles are basically inverting your foot so the machine can correct that.   Remember something like inversion basically means the contralateral  (balancing) muscles are weak.   You need to strengthen those so the stronger active muscles are offset with a counter force.

   On the ES once you have reached the point where you basically have the ability to achieve function then at that point you really don’t need estim in the form you are using, FES.   It’s at that point where you have function, but lack strength/endurance, that you would shift.    Now having said that when you do function and use your FES unit you really are involving more motor nerves firing more muscles than you get voluntarily.   When you exercise you fire small motor nerves and as the pressure/force is exerted then you fire the medium and larger diameter fibers.  I would think right now you are probably only firing small to medium fibers when you solely exercise without estim.   With estim it’s working the opposite and that is electricity fires the larger ones first, then medium then small or opposite.

  I think your muscle circumference strength increase you are seeing is due to that inverse firing that is occurring.  

  Now the real reason is you are one motivated, great spirited lady who believes in helping yourself get better and defeat the progression of MS.  Your attitude and willingness to work is the big difference in all of this!!!  Now without the FES you would not have done as well as you  have, but so many people don’t have your drive and commitment!!




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 You're right that the 1" increase is the circumfrence around my calf muscle and my thigh muscle. I am also able to bend my ankles better and place my affected foot much straighter so my step is more normal. I was diagnosed with MS almost 40 yrs. ago!

  More on my testimony to continue coming to you. I'll keep you updated. I'm so excited!! Life is taking on a whole new meaning for me.

 With that said how often do you advise me to continue to use the ES?