Not all patients necessarily need ACL reconstructive surgery.  The body will accommodate weak knee joints by increasing the surrounding muscle strengths and support the lack of an anterior cruciate ligament.   That process will not be achieved unless the patient is willing to exercise and strengthen him/herself following the acl rupture.   For some patients, identified generically in the video below, the acl repair procedure will probably not be constructive and the patient is better served by the physician without surgery.

    If the patient is active, participates in sports, is in a competitive athletic environment and is relatively young then acl surgery may be the only way to return to full competitive status.   Even in those situations it's generally better to complete the rehabilitation exercises in conjunction with the use of the Infrex FRM functional restoration machine.   Volitional movement coupled with what has been referred to as "Russian stim", "high frequency stim" has shown from surgery to competition can be achieved in 3-4 months, not 12- 14 months.