This excellent video by Bill Doyle for TED,  explains the use of TTF, tumor treating fields, for GBM ( glioblastoma multiforme)  and lung cancer.  This excellent video explains well with illustrations and testimonials from cancer survivors. 

   Electrical fields are not new to medicine and curing.   Electricity is being used and has been used successfully for over 50 years to reunionize bones, to facilitate healing bed sores, to heal quicker and create stronger muscle tissues as well as stopping or minimizing pain.  The new research (actually old research now being rediscovered) is showing how interferential electrotherapy stimulates the production of SDH enzyme to repair and reproduce healthy tissues faster for quicker healing.   Couple the SDH gene with the use of interferential to stimulate alpha and gamma motor neurons and a clearer picture emerges on the effects of estim in medicine.   After viewing this video, below it are some questions to ask to further the research and push along some possible answers to combating cancer using electrotherapy.




Questions created to consider:

1.  On cranial/head electrode placements there is little tissue to stimulate before encountering bone which is a non conductor of electricity.   The dosage into the brain may be none,or possibly the currents are redirecting how the interior of the brain's electrical status is altered and that is where the effects are coming from.   It's possibly not the estim in the brain but the estim around the brain changing the electrical properties so the cancer finds itself in a hostile environment.  It also could be as seen with the cancer drug Avastatin the drug never gets to the brain but changes the pressure of the brain.

2.  The inability of a cancer cell to divide is consistent with the discovery of how electricity increased growth of bacteria, but inhibited reproduction.   The polarity change going on outside the brain may be changing the internal pressure of the brain.

3.  Because traditional cancer treatments were tried in these patients, the estim may actually be more an "integrative" medicine that advances the traditional treatments already used.  The traditionals now become more "effective", or the postive results are accentuated when using a complementary therapy.