Headache PainIf you suffer from chronic headache pain, you are not alone. Stress, poor diet, way too much caffeine, improper posture, and a host of of problems, contribute to nasty headaches. And believe me, it's not fun to experience.

Most headache sufferers, especially those suffering from migraine headaches,  are simply looking for a solution, and fast. Some way to get rid of this darn headache, right now. Not everybody likes to take aspirin and various types of over the counter pain killers.

Let me show you a simple method for relieving headache pain, that works quick.

Hoku, to the Rescue

In TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is an acupressure point called Hoku. Hoku means -  Joining of the Valleys (Large Intestine 4). This same point is known about and utilized in many other cultures around the world. Kind of a universal Accu-Point. Massaging this point can help reduce a headache.

A better Way, to Headache Relief

An even better way to do it, is to use an electrotherapy device, such as the Infrex Plus. Place a small electrode on the Hoku point. Then place a larger electrode on the upper shoulder. You want it on muscle or fat tissue, not on bone. You are actually accomplishing two things here. Stimulating your Hoku point, and releasing tension from tight shoulder and neck muscles. These tight muscles almost always come along with a headache.

Check out the video for a great demonstration of this technique. If you have any questions about electrodes or electrotherapy, give us a call, we are glad to help people overcome pain. That is our specialty.