The spread of MRSA and VRE is causing epic problems to the health industry around the world.  Many countries do not have the budget to afford antibiotics for antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria.   The cost of new antibiotics to fight antibiotic resistant germs is skyrocketing.   It's not unusual for 1 patient with a MRSA type germ to have a cost of over $15,000 for the new drugs to kill it.   In third world it's not possible to spend that much on one patient when simple antibiotics like methicillin, C pac etc. is not available.  

      This video is about the one single cheapest way possibly to kill every germ there is that is known, has ever been known and at the present time will ever evolve from adaptation to modern pharmacetutical compounds.   It is a natural light, does not reach the earth's surface, called ultraviolet,  c range, light.   Enjoy the video and learn more about what is available to help so many.

      If you have a loved one or know of a patient with local or systemic MRSA or VRE infections this is a must see.