Carryover pain relief
Carry over pain relief is the major benefit of interferential therapy.

When the treatment is over, the pain relief can continue....

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What is Carryover Pain Relief, and What Makes it so Great?


Listen to Bob talking about the benefits of carryover pain relief. That is, relief that lasts after the treatment is over.

With something like TENS, once you turn the unit off, the pain reduction is about over. With consistent use of interferential treatment, you can start to reap the benefits of carryover pain relief. Now you don't have to be hooked up to an electrotherapy device 24/7. You can begin to get your normal life back.

The Infrex Plus offers both TENS and interferential together in one unit. So you have your choice of electrotherapy pain management. This often presents a better option for people than pain killers or other less than desirable forms of pain reduction.